Build Your Own Millennium Falcon Inspired by Miniatures Used in Star Wars’ Production

John Nguyen

Fanhome is a subscription service where you get to collect figures or build your own figure such as the 1/3-scale Iron Man or the half-scale R2-D2. Star Wars fans are in for a treat yet again since Fanhome has recently announced the shipping starting month of August for the Build Your Own Millennium Falcon. The iconic Han Solo ship will be a 1:43 scale replica complete with lights and articulated parts.

The filmmakers made a lot of models of the Millennium Falcon during the film’s production. The Fanhome version is an official replica that is built to the same scale as the one behind the scenes in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. With the ship having a lot of details, that means subscribers can expect A LOT of parts with the subscription lasting a few years.

You can pre-order the Build Your Own Millennium Falcon at:

Shipping begins on August 24, 2023.

Check out the details below:

  • The sizeable, completed model measures 32 inches long by 23 inches wide.
  • Hull parts are supplied pre-finished, but expert modelers can apply their own battle scars and weathering to add extra authenticity and personalize the model.
  • The completed Falcon also has working LED effects, and can be wall- or table-mounted, with the landing legs and boarding ramp displayed in open or retracted positions.

Each package will be shipped monthly and will come with parts for the Millennium Falcon and a full-color magazine. Fans will get to learn about how ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) created the magic of Star Wars including how it brought the Falcon to life on the big screen including behind-the-scene photos.

Fanhome Star Wars Millennium Falcon Model

The Falcon will have LED lighting effects that are powered by an internal battery or external low-voltage power source. There are separate lighting sections such as the rear sublight drives, forward floodlights and internal cockpit lighting.

The exterior of the ship will have moveable parts like the upper and lower quad laser cannons and the rectenna dish. The Falcon’s boarding ramp is also moveable and you can switch between flight position or landing position.

The exterior of the ship is inspired by the miniatures used in the movies, and you’ll be able to remove the upper panels to see the interior details such as the cockpit, the main hold complete with the engineering station, gun controls for the cannons, Han Solo’s smuggling compartments, and one of Chewbacca’s favorite games, the Dejarik holochess board.

Other items will be included in the subscription such as a limited-edition t-shirt, hand-painted die-cast miniature of the ship, a ceramic mug, a baseball cap and binders to store the magazines.