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Sony to shut down WipEout developer Sony Liverpool

Today, Sony has decided to shut down Sony Liverpool, developer of the popular sci-fi racing franchise WipEout. The news first broke on a forum post on GRcade where original poster commented

Marvel then… Marvel NOW! #1: A guide to Captain America

As an avid Marvel Comics reader, I became really confused as to what Marvel is doing with the announcement of “Marvel NOW!” Is it a reboot? Are they creating a

Rumored shortlist for Captain America 2’s female lead

Looks like Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has been having a busy couple of weeks. With news of Joss Whedon signing up for Avengers 2, the search for a Guardians of

Tony Scott, director of Top Gun, dead at 68

Very sad news to report today, as Tony Scott, director of such movies as Top Gun, Enemy of the State, Crimson Tide, and Man on Fire, has died of an apparent

‘Super’ director James Gunn in talks to direct Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel may have found their director for their space adventure Guardians of the Galaxy. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that after a lengthy search, Marvel execs have been talking exclusively with James

Avengers 2 release date set

Mark your calendars nerds and nerdettes. Disney has confirmed that the Joss Whedon space/earth, ermahgerd epic that will be Avengers 2 is set to be released on May 1st, 2015.

Possible plot summary revealed for Guardians of the Galaxy

In the industry weekly production listing site, Production Weekly, they have revealed what is possibly a plot summary for Marvel’s upcoming space saga Guardians of the Galaxy. In the listing, it

UPDATE: Welcome to the Marvel Studios family, Daredevil (with sizzle reel)

It looks like the Daredevil rights saga is coming to a close, as Deadline is reporting that Fox is throwing in the towel in rebooting the Daredevil franchise. Which means

Ben Affleck in talks to direct Justice League

Not to be outdone by all these Avengers news, Variety is reporting that Warner Bros is eyeing Gone Baby Gone director, Ben Affleck, to direct the long-gestating Justice League movie. After Christopher Nolan declared himself

Joss Whedon is back on Avengers 2, developing Marvel TV show for ABC

Nerd nation rejoice! In a Walt Disney Investors Conference Call, Disney CEO Bob Iger has announced that Joss Whedon is coming back to write and direct the Avengers 2 for Marvel.

Metal Gear Solid 4 trophy patch now live

It’s been four years since the release of Metal Gear Solid 4 on North American soil. As of yesterday, Konami has released the 2.0 patch that finally, FINALLY adds trophy

Fox says no to Galactus/Silver Surfer, Daredevil likely to revert back to Marvel

In what comes as no surprise to this seriously bummed writer. Fox has told Deadline that with Chronicle director Josh Trank on board to direct the upcoming reboot, Fantastic Four is on

Fox/Marvel in talks for character swap as Daredevil deadline approaches

October 10. That is the absolute deadline for Fox to start filming Daredevil before the rights for the character reverts back to Marvel. Variety is reporting that Fox and Marvel are in talks

Marvel sued over Avengers box set packaging

What is it with Hollywood and luggage companies? In the second time this past year, a luggage company has sued a major movie studio over knockoffs of their products. The

Comic review: Hawkeye #1

“You cowboy around with the Avengers some. Guys got, what, armor. Magic. Super-powers. Super-strength. Shrink-dust. Grow-rays. Magic. Healing factors. I’m an orphan raised by carnies fighting with a stick and

Prometheus sequel planned for 2014/2015

With a budget of $130 million and a solid global take of $330 million, the Alien prequel was still very much on the franchise bubble. Many were unsure if Fox

New action-packed Skyfall trailer

After 4 years of absence on the movie scene James Bond is back with Skyfall. I admit when I heard who the director and cast was, I couldn’t wait to

iPhone 5 coming soon, along with iPad Mini… wait, what?

All of us patient, and I mean PATIENT, early iPhone 4 users waiting for the iPhone 5 won’t have to wait much longer. According to iMore, Apple is gearing up for