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Zack Snyder possibly developing Star Wars spin-off for Lucasfilm?

As we wait for the announcement on who will be taking on the directorial duties of Star Wars: Episode VII, something else has been brewing over at Lucasfilm. According to Vulture,

Check out the awesome sci-fi short R’ha directed by 22-year old Kaleb Lechowski

Scouring the Internet I came across this awesome sci-fi short that’s been making the rounds this past weekend. The short is called R’ha, a sci-fi film written, directed, AND animated

Bond tribute set for Oscars ceremony; Are all six Bond actors set to unite on stage?

Last year James Bond celebrated its 50th anniversary on film, which also saw the release of the excellent Skyfall. At this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, The Academy of Motion Picture

Gangster Squad Review

Welcome to Los Angeles. Those are great words to hear when you’re visiting my great city now, but back in 1949 that wasn’t the case. Enter Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn), an

Review: Phiaton Moderna MS 200

As a sucker for great sounding audio and as someone who always listens to music at the office, I’m always on the market to find some great headphones. While I

Joseph Gordon-Levitt newest addition to the Guardians of the Galaxy shortlist

  With a big role in The Dark Knight Rises and a starring role in the sci-fi hit Looper, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of the top young actors working today.

First Pacific Rim trailer is finally here!

I was one of the lucky ones at Hall H to see the first footage for Pacific Rim for the first time and after the footage was shown the entire

The Man of Steel begins viral campaign with a Kryptonian countdown

  The viral campaign for Man of Steel appears to have officially begun with the launch of The DSRW Project. According to the website, the DSRW is a “A private non-profit

First trailer for Oblivion has been released

Today we get our first look (or second if you were lucky enough to catch the International trailer before it was taken down) at Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion. Check out the

Updated: The Last of Us release date announced along with new trailer

  Are you Naughty Dog fans? The acclaimed studio behind the Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter, and Uncharted series has just revealed the release date for their high-anticipated IP, The Last of Us. Unlike Naughty

Universal unveils first poster for Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion

Today, Universal has unveiled the first poster for the Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy) directed post-apocalyptic sci-fi film Oblivion, courtesy of IGN. The film stars Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman (The Dark Knight

Tony Stark and Pepper Potts are having a really bad day in the Japanese Iron Man 3 trailer

Phase 2 is only five short months away from starting, and the Iron Man 3 content just keeps on coming. Walt Disney Studios Japan has recently unveiled the new Iron

Wu Dang – Blu-ray Review

I’ve been a fan of martial arts films for a long time. Once Upon a Time in China, Iron Monkey, Fist of Legend, Drunken Master II, Enter the Dragon are all

New poster revealed for Man of Steel

Movies being released in the summer of 2013 seem to kicking off their marketing campaigns into high gear, and are using The Hobbit as their main kick-starter for their campaigns. Star Trek

Rumors: Is this the villain for the Justice League movie?

The rumor mills just keep turning for the Justice League. Nothing official about the movie has been announced yet but that still doesn’t keep us from fantasizing who will be on the

The Dark Knight Rises – Blu-ray Review

Here it is folks one of the OTHER most highly anticipated movie this year is finally comes home on Blu-ray. While I personally really disliked this movie, I can’t help

Star Wars: Episode VII director rumors: Is Jon Favreau, David Fincher considered to direct?

  Correction: Article edited to correct the David Fincher and ILM fact and to acknowledge that Fincher worked on one sci-fi film.  Let’s me be honest, Star Wars is one

Marvel releases 4 new stills for Iron Man 3

With filming concluded for the third installment in the Iron Man franchise, Marvel has released 4 new stills for the highly anticipated movie. While yes, 2 of the new stills

Casting auditions underway for Guardians of the Galaxy

With Iron Man 3 currently in post-production, Thor: The Dark World wrapping up filming next month, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier filming to start next year, things have been

Justice League news roundup: Joseph Gordon-Levitt reps deny Batman rumors; Zack Snyder hints at DC cinematic universe

We all know that Warner Bros holds Christopher Nolan with the highest regards. After all, Nolan was Warner’s first choice to direct the Justice League. Now, it seems that Warner Bros