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Jobs Review

Love him or hate him, Steve Jobs was a major influence in modern technological products today. While people debate that a lot of his ideas were stolen from others, people

Review – DuckTales: Remastered takes a trip down memory lane

DuckTales! Woohoo! Immortal words in the minds of a lot of 80s Disney afternoon kids. I remember watching TaleSpin, Gummi Bears, Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, and Goof Troop and loving

D23 Expo: The mystery behind Tomorrowland

  One of the projects revealed that I was really looking forward to, was the Brad Bird directed film, Tomorrowland. We were introduced to a behind-the-scenes video describing the primary

D23 Expo: Thor: The Dark World

The Marvel Studios showcase began with Kevin Feige coming on stage to introduce to us some footage from Thor: The Dark World: The Hall H footage opens with a giant

D23 Expo: Captain America: The Winter Soldier clip description

After Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was next to be revealed by Kevin Feige during the Marvel Studios showcase, everyone in the D23 Arena was treated

The latest Thor: The Dark World trailer gets released

In order to keep building hype for the next installment in the the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney/Marvel has unveiled the latest trailer for Thor: The Dark World. The Thor sequel was

Oblivion – Blu-ray Review

Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion has been talked about as a film ever since Tron: Legacy has been released. First, it was a pitched as a graphic novel that never really became

A portable, waterproof speaker?! Say hello to the Pyle Splash SoundBox

Whether you’re at the pool, the lake, or just listening to your Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom, the fact of the matter is that there is a high risk of

SDCC 2013: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Hall H panel and trailer description

The second panel during the Marvel Studios block is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Attending the panel was directors Joe and Anthony Russo, Frank Grillo (Brock Rumlow), Emily Van Camp

SDCC 2013: Guardians of the Galaxy Hall H panel and detailed footage description

The final panel during the Marvel Studios block is my most anticipated Phase 2 film, Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel Studios head honcho stated that Guardians of the Galaxy started filming

Contest: Winner announced for PACIFIC RIM giveaway

It’s time to announce the winners for our PACIFIC RIM giveaway, where one lucky winner will get to own everything in the image below! Yes, that’s some serious swag from the film that

New Comic-Con artwork revealed to celebrate the release of Oblivion on Blu-ray and DVD

To celebrate the release of Oblivion on August 6th, Universal has released an amazing piece of artwork featuring a desolated San Diego Comic-Con and Tom Cruise’s bubble ship from the film. I

Contest: Warner Bros. Pictures & Legendary Pictures PACIFIC RIM

In just 9 short days, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures will unleash Pacific Rim onto US soil. To celebrate the release of Pacific Rim on July 12th, we’ve teamed up

Tony St… I mean Robert Downey Jr. will return as Iron Man for Avengers 2 and 3

I quote Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear UK when I say, “good news!” It has been confirmed by Marvel that Robert Downey Jr will return as the armored avenger for

21 & Over – Blu-ray Review

Now I can get pretty skeptical when it comes to college comedies. It can be either a hit or a miss, and from some of the footage I’ve seen I

Enter The Dragon Ultimate Collector’s Edition – Blu-ray Review

Forty years after his untimely death, Bruce Lee remains one of the best martial artists in all of film history. His final film Enter the Dragon has stood the test of time as

Drive fast with the first Getaway trailer

With Fast and Furious 6 driving the competition to the ground, it only makes sense for other studios to make films in the same vein as the car-action franchise. In

New DuckTales Remastered footage showcases Amazon and Transylvania level

DuckTales Remastered is one of my most highly anticipated games this summer. The original cartoon was one of my most favorite shows growing up and recently watching the episodes made

New 13-minute Man of Steel featurette includes new footage

With 10 days to go before Man of Steel is unleashed, CBM has given us a 13-minute making-of featurette covers various aspects in the film. Be forewarned though, this is