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Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead: Season 2’ review: Her life is in your hands, dude

The highly anticipated sequel to Telltale Games’ 2012 Game of the Year, The Walking Dead: The Game, is here. For those of you living under a digital rock, the series

Videogame BANG! #10: Fallout 4, A New Champion

This week on the Videogame BANG! panel are some voices you should recognize. Of course Cory and Aaron are in the house, and this week by their side is fan-favorite

Videogame BANG! VGX Awards Recap, Wii Curious

It’s a very special episode of the show today! Why, you ask? Because this show, Aaron Carter is pulling the strings. Now I want to prepare you a little for

Ryse: Son of Rome doesn’t ryse to next-gen standards (review)

The weeks immediately following a brand new console launch are the most difficult time to give a really authentic review of a game. The bar for what is expected of

Videogame BANG! #9: PC Gamers, Come at us Bro

What’s up, Pizzas?! You are in for a treat this week, the crew is firing on all cylinders, and we are not holding anything back. Cory and Aaron are joined

Videogame BANG! #8: Wii U Console/Games Review

What’s up, pizzas?! You might think it’s weird that four grown men and one 16-year-old kid all gathered together and spent an entire evening playing Wii U (the 16 year

Videogame BANG! #7: Thanksgiving, Next Gen Console Woes

What’s up, Turkeys?! If the Videogame BANG! team was a Thanksgiving dinner, we would have all the fixings this week! I am the turkey of the group, Cory Vincent, and

Videogame BANG! #6: PS4 vs. Xbox One Console/Game Reviews

This IS the MAIN EVENT! The team spent an entire night confined in a room together for about 12 hours with a PS4, an Xbox One, a giant stack of

Videogame BANG! #5: MoonlightSwami Interview, Xbox One

What’s up, Xbox One Pizzas?! You are in for a treat this week because we have on the show the luckiest gamer in the world, and he goes by the

Videogame BANG! #4: Boobs

What’s up, Boob Pizzas?! Because all of you on the internet are filthy animals, last week’s show was our most popular one ever?! Was it because of the boobs on

Videogame BANG! Quickie #1: Genese Davis

Greetings Internet! If you listen to the show you know that we release our full episodes once a week here on If you want more Videogame BANG! you’re in luck,

Videogame BANG! #3: Jiggle Physics, Doggie Style

What’s Up Sexy Pizzas?! Videogame BANG! is back for our third episode with, and oh boy we have some controversial topics for you this week. Special guest Gen ‘The

Videogame BANG! #2: Spooktacular Halloween Super Show!

Ghostly greetings, gamers! We have a Fang-tastic show for you this week. Please park your brooms at the door, because it’s our first ever Halloween-themed episode! Recently I asked a

Videogame BANG! #1: John ‘Spartan’ Nguyen, Genese Davis, Nika Harper, Raphael Van Lierop

What’s up, Pizzas?! Welcome to Videogame BANG! Presented by We are a gaming, technology, and entertainment podcast hosted by Cory Vincent and Aaron Carter. We have a whole team