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What do you say to describe a guy who only sleeps 4 days out of the week? Probably a lot but if you ever see an obscure story about some kind of food product, indie game or something that doesn't quite fit on this site, you can (almost) guarantee this guy wrote it. Whether or not he was awake while it was written is anybody's guess.

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Mewtwo plus New Legendary Pokemon puzzle starting to connect!

So apparently Mewtwo IS related to the new legendary pokemon in the upcoming X and Y versions, confirmed on the official Pokemon YouTube channel. Check out this little snippet: So there you

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Grudge Match at Treyarch

So on Tuesday the Nerd Reactor team added a new item on the list of “Cool things I got to do in my life”, which was actually 2 things now

Another Mew Clone? Or perhaps an evolved form?

So the breaking news today for the pokemon world is the reveal of a new pokemon…without its name. This is kind of a bummer, and leaves its identity completely ambiguous and up

Don’t have a girlfriend? No problem! A Hugging Coat is all you need!

Oh Japan, you’ve done it again. I’d seriously pay money to have someone audibly engineer that soundbyte. Why? Because people in Japan always seem to be doing extraordinary things that boggle

Ever wanted to play poker with Brock Samson and GLaDOS? Now’s your chance

I loved the first Poker Night at the Inventory, especially the voice acting, the dialogue, and the unlockable items. Another great part is being able to play high stakes poker

Warcry’s Re-launch & Giveaway Contest

When this site announced that it relaunched, I thought it was a prank, considering the announcement was on April 1st. Well, now it’s the 2nd, and I’m a day behind.

Terraria a.k.a. Minecraft Lite Review (PS3)

Do you happen to be one of the few people that hasn’t played Minecraft yet, but can’t seem to come up with the extra $12 to get it? Well then

UPDATE: Bruce Timm ain’t leavin’ DC Animation, he’s just been busy

So you know how sometimes you haven’t heard from a friend of yours in a long time and you think to yourself, “Did that person die?” Well, we didn’t think

Tomb Raider Panel presented by BAFTA….2 weeks later?

It’s been 2 and a half weeks since the release of Tomb Raider and after some delay, we finally get our panel with the team from Crystal Dynamics, presented by

Disney already unloading Star Wars merchandise wagon

If there’s one thing Disney knows how to do, it’s selling a product. And guess what’s the newest ones to roll out the factory doors? Star Wars Merch of course! With the

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – Let’s begin the Year of Luigi!

It’s 2013 and Nintendo has declared that this would be “The Year of Luigi”, hoping to have him break out on his own. We’re starting it off with Luigi’s Mansion:

Super Hexagon – A hidden rhythm gem

Hey kids! Not too fond of your retinas and got a few bucks to burn? Well then download yourself a copy of Super Hexagon! Super Hexagon Platform: PC, Iphone, Android,

Mimobot USB Sticks: Lincoln & Washington

Need some portable space but want a little style? Perhaps you’re feeling a little patriotic as well? Whatever the case may be, Mimobot has come out with a new set

Origin ‘Player Appreciation Sale’, EA’s latest move in damage control

So in an effort to keep customers (and possibly bring back a lot of them that left), Origin is pulling a Steam sale cleverly disguised as a “Player Appreciation Sale”

Hostess fans may just be in luck

Man I miss going into a market and buying a box of Twinkies… We always wondered if it would ever coming back? Ha, it’s nice to dream. “Buyout firms Apollo

StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm – It’s about time!

At last, the long awaited expansion pack to StarCraft 2 is here! It’s Heart of the Swarm! If there’s one thing Blizzard does and does well, it’s hype. From the

New Super Mario Bros Wii U: Old Traditions, New Additions

It’s easy and a bit trendy to make fun of the Mario series, but if a formula isn’t broken, don’t fix it! Yes I will admit it’s been almost the same

Fail of the week: EA is offering a free EA PC game to anyone who purchased SimCity

Remember last year when Diablo 3 came out and “Error 37” became one of the worst things to come out of a game’s launch? Well looks like SimCity 2013 might’ve

Bit Trip Runner 2 – A crazy review

Ok so this week we’re taking a look at Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien for the Wii U. It’s amazing what you can get for $15 these days;