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Mythic difficulty for Legion’s ‘Emerald Nightmare’ enabled today

Last week Blizzard finally opened the doors to Legion’s first raid, “The Emerald Nightmare.” Now it’s opening the doors to the Mythic difficulty of the blood colored instance. Along with

Titanfall 2 PC specs drop in with 4K/60 settings

Those of you who are planning to play Titanfall 2 for PC better strap yourselves in because the specs for what you’ll need have been dropped with 3 separate categories:

Shovel Knight will be in Yooka-Laylee

Well now, this is an unexpected twist. Showing off their wide variety of characters that will be appearing in Yooka-Laylee (the best one by far is Dr. Quack), the folks

Valve being sued by Digital Homicide after cutoff from Steam

This morning is just full of surprises. Well, maybe just one hilarious surprise. Digital Homicide is a company that, when compmared to EA and Square Enix, makes them look like model

Urien for Street Fighter 5 released in latest update

Ever have that one “special” friend whom you play fighting games with? You know, the one who endlessly, relentlessly and unapologetically spams projectiles for the entirety of every fight you

Blizzard now offering name change (finally)

Have you ever wished that you could change your name on from something like “PotatoSalad47” to something a little less….retarded? Well thankfully Blizzard is now offering you the chance

Shigeru Miyamoto shows off while showing off Super Mario Run

Nintendo seems to have a way with showing off their new titles in the past few years, with the Mii’s being added in to Smash Bros. on Wii/3DS, to the

Mad Max: Fury Road without CGI is still shiny and chrome

Mad Max: Fury Road is undoubtedly one of the most intense and glorious action films in the past twenty years. It’s not just the spectacle, but also the blood, sweat

Interplay offering IPs for sale

As soon as you read that name, I’m willing to bet that the first thought that hit your head was, “Why does that name sound so familiar?” Well, if you

World of Warcraft: Legion review – Dying Light

tl;dr, short and sweet spoiler-free version: It”s good. Well received, better looking, better sounding, UI and Class changes leave a little something to be desired, tons of new content and

Legion companion app for World of Warcraft coming soon

Multitasking. It’s a great thing to be able to do when you’re on the move. You know what isn’t great? Not being able to be in two places at once,

Polygon shows off first 12 minutes of Sonic Mania

Can. Not. Wait. For. This. To. Come. Out. That’s really all that needs to be said about this game, having seen the gameplay video Polygon released a couple days ago.

No Man’s Sky PC player base drops by 90%

Jeez, talk about buyer’s remorse huh? In the past two weeks, the number of players in the game went from the peak of 212,000 down to 19,000, given how the

RetroUSB’s NES console, The AVS

For those of you who were dissapointed by Nintendo’s NES Mini being preloaded with only a select number of games, incompatible with actual carts and stuck with a proprietary controller,

Domino’s test drives ‘Drone Delivery’ in New Zealand

I feel as though we’ve reached the pinnacle of human invention. Everything leading up to now was just an effort to get jobs done with as little to no work

PS4 Slim to be announced at Sony September event

So some rumors and speculation have been buzzing around that Sony would be releasing a newer slimmer version of the PS4, much like how Microsoft announced a slimmer Xbox One

First class action lawsuit against Niantic filed by annoyed property owners

So after hearing multiple rants from random people and vague threats of lawsuits against the Pokemon GO maker, we’re actually now seeing one come to fruition. A couple from Detroit

Owlboy: First impression (demo)

A new indie game, well a demo for it actually, just came out this week that a lot of people either are very excited about, or are just getting clued

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location unleashes in October

Hey you Five Nights at Freddy’s fans, looks like you’ll be spending this Halloween playing another installment of the franchise instead of trick ‘r treating this year. Five Nights at

Newest Pokemon Go update resets hundreds of accounts

So there are patches and updates, and then there’s what happened with Pokemon Go over the past few days. First and foremost, no more foot trackers: But more importantly, hundreds