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ICYMI: What you should know this week, February 28 2014

A roundup of news from Nerd Reactor you should know this week, in case you missed it. Marvel looking at four directors to direct Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme fans rejoice,

Mattel’s new toy, Liam Neeson’s horse debate, 719 new planets and more you should know this week

Here’s a roundup of nerdy news from this week. Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange files for bankruptcy With speculations of the firm’s demise just days before its official announcement, the bankruptcy

Calling all nerds: Show us how ‘Happy’ you are in our new video project

The team here has been pretty obsessed recently with Pharrell William’s “Happy” from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack. It’s such a feel-good song that all of us can and should relate to

The chemistry behind Sriracha. Just because

Why do people love to add Sriracha to everything? While no amount of science can pinpoint the real reason behind the popularity of the rooster sauce (at least, maybe not

This panther kitten rehabbing is your Monday cure

Today, the Lowry Park Zoo released a new video showing a month-old Florida panther kitten in good, healthy condition. The endangered kitten was admitted to the zoo late last week,

Shitty asteroid telescopes, Upton up in space, Project Tango in motion and more you should know this week

Google sets into motion Project Tango, which is an effort to “give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion.” Basically that means your smartphone’s camera can become a

ICYMI: What you should know this week, February 21 2014

‘Fantastic Four’ reboot has been cast! We know you’ve been dying to see which actors will join the film reboot of the Marvel comic. Luckily for you, the cast was

These guys made a human lung. What did you do?

Looks like we will not be heading towards a twisted utopian society a la The Island. Scientists at the University of Texas medical branch in Galveston created human lungs in

Staad Laptop BackPack safely takes your gear around in vintage style

You’ve got a full-time job. You meet with people. You have to look nice because, well, you meet with lots of people. You also attend cons and travel a great

ICYMI: What you should know this week, February 14 2014

  It’s been a busy week in geek culture and in case you missed it (ICYMI) on Nerd Reactor, here’s a round up of stories that you need to see.

Star Wars meets the runway, TWC and Comcast hooked up, and more to know this week

Looks like money can buy love and it can happen for brands as well this Valentine’s Day. Comcast purchased Time Warner Cable for over $45 million, combining the two largest cable

Rise of the marshmallow girls: Meet Japan’s newest girl group ‘Chubbiness’

Yes, you are actually reading the title right. Set to debut in March, the 10 well-rounded girls of Chubbiness beat out over 3,500 applicants for a spot in the group, and are

“Blackfish is propaganda” says SeaWorld

If you haven’t seen the much-lauded documentary Blackfish about the mistreatment of killer whales, particularly Tilikum, then you’ll need to see why people hate on SeaWorld so hard. Go watch

Today: Bill Nye debates origins of mankind with Ken Ham at 7pm ET

Bill Nye, the “Science Guy” as a child of the 80s remembers him, is taking to the stage tonight at 7pm ET with Creation Museum founder and Christian author, Ken Ham, at

Mini Gay Day announced for March 29 at Disneyland

Break out your red shirts and head to Disneyland in Anaheim on Earth on March 29, 2014, for its six-month prequel to Gay Days Anaheim 2014. Unlike the main event, which

Our writers may not agree with Anna Kendrick on this one

In a commercial making fun of itself, Newcastle Ale features regulation hottie Anna Kendrick in a “behind-the-scenes” style interview, where the actress purportedly recounts the experience of almost being in

Being Nate IRL: How to (kinda) dress like Nathan Drake everyday

In this geek style series, we explore major characters in the nerd-world and their preferred choice of fashion. Let this be a guide to how you can add to your

‘Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise’: Viral marketing from upcoming movie ‘Carrie’

Uploaded yesterday to YouTube, a hilarious, albeit terrifying, viral video stormed the social networks of a girl who surprises some unsuspecting customers at a coffee shop with her telekinesis. As

ScarJo trends for two weeks: Scarlett tumbled, now is sexy

Who else can go from hilarious fail meme to being crowned Esquire’s ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ in a matter of weeks? Why, Scarlett Johansson, of course! One of the hardest working

Lindsey Stirling announces US album re-release with new tracks

Today, the cosplaying violinist Lindsey Stirling announced that Target will be carrying an exclusive deluxe version of her self-titled, self-released album that originally released September 2012. Now, a year and