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What you need to know this week: Titanosaur, Django miniseries possibility, meteor showers tonight, and more

As heavy as 14 elephants, as long as 2 tractor trailers: Meet Mr. Titanosaur (CNN) — They may be the biggest boys on any block — any block, ever. In

12 photos of X-Men’s Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart to warm your cold heart

The world is a dark place. Murders, kidnapping, human rights issues — it’s enough to make a person lock themselves away and cry in their bed alone. Luckily, we have

Comic book funeral: 5-year-old cancer victim is given the best parting gift

Are your tissues ready? A Spider-Man-loving little boy named Braden Denton lost his battle with a brain tumor — something he and his family had been fighting for a long

Is Godzilla real? Some people on Hollywood Blvd thought so

In a new edition of Lie Witness News, Jimmy Kimmel and his team took to the streets of Hollywood and insinuated to unsuspecting people that Godzilla was based on a

The 11 best responses: Remove one letter from a game title, what’s the new plot?

A most spectacular event happened under the radar about two weeks ago, and we’ve been watching it every day since its inception. Reddit user FlamingBagOnDoorstep posted to self.AskReddit: Remove one

Sailor Moon comes to Hulu in full and with the missing final season

Starting Monday, May 19, VIZ Media will be airing weekly on Hulu and the remastered, uncut version of our favorite anime series, Sailor Moon. The best part? They’re airing

Andrew Garfield amazes us in new Arcade Fire video for ‘We Exist’

There’s something about a vanilla-laden lanky guy getting primped up for visual art that gets media all chilly and excited. Probably taking a cue from Jared Leto’s mind-blowing performance in

#NaughtyComicBooks: Our 9 favorite tweets and titles

Comedy Central @Midnight’s episode last night started a new Hashtag War, called #NaughtyComicBooks, where its Twitter followers and the comedians on the show cleverly tweaked popular comic book titles to

Orange Is the New Black: Ladies of Litchfield character posters for season 2

We are less than one month away from the Season 2 premier of Netflix’s original series, Orange is the New Black, and the ladies are looking as colorful as ever.

Mother Russia says ‘Sims 4’ is no good for children

News broke last week when the official Twitter account of The Sims in Russia @thesimsrussia tweeted out the rating The Sims 4 received, which reads “Established Russian rating #TheSims4 –

#Miiquality: Can Nintendo NOT afford to change at the behest of gaymers?

In a recent social campaign rallying for Nintendo to include same-sex marriage in Tomodachi Life, the company refused to change. Their stubborn ways could prove unfortunate for the brand’s future.

The one ‘Let It Go’ political parody to destroy your love for the song

Parodies are easy to make, easy to find, and easy to make fun of. Politicians are also easy to find, easy to make fun of, and they apparently find it

Speaker Band: A new accessory in wearable tech available for pre-order

Wearable tech and gadgets still have a long way to go in terms of innovative functionality and being fashionable, but that’s what bem wireless is hoping to achieve with its

Are you a nerd? Take the quiz now!

You’ve seen all those quizzes popping up on your Facebook feed — all of your friends want to know, and want you to know, just who they are, by way

‘Frozen’ and ‘Thriller’ mashed up, because reasons

The Internet was made for reasons such as this — the main cast of Disney’s Frozen doing the popular dance sequence from Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Why not combine two of our

Ellen Page is renaming people’s dogs on Twitter ‘like a total jerk’

Kitty Pryde made social waves again by renaming people’s pets (like Miranda, Helen Hunt and Truffaut), because she can. +1 on the coolness factor, Ellen. On April 22, she tweeted

Happy Half Tau Day! Plus, other nerdy holidays of note

Happy Pi Day, y’all! Aside from the obvious connection 3/14 has with π, does anyone really know why we celebrate this? Does it even really matter? Actually, it kind of

This might be the one (smart) Ring to rule them all

The latest in wearable tech comes to us like a magic wand for your finger. Almost tripled its original crowdfunding goal (at the time of this writing), Japan-based tech company

New host for ‘Cosmos’, the state of orca shows in Calif., more hope for HIV cure and more you should know from this week

There’s been a lot of activity in nerd news this week, so much so that we didn’t have the time to talk about it here on Nerd Reactor. Here are

ICYMI: What you should know this week, March 7 2014

The top news from Nerd Reactor this week, in case you missed it. Clever HUVr hoverboard prank is a month early Similar to Jimmy Kimmel’s twerking girl who caught on