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Review: STM Harbour iPhone 6 case is simple, a bit too simple

There comes a time in every iPhone fan’s life where they have to decide between form and function, and style and necessity when it comes to protecting their phone. Why

Event at Bowlmor Orange County to benefit Get-Well Gamers Foundation on Sept. 29

If you ever wanted to rub elbows with top game designers and developers while also doing some social good, then you need to add this upcoming charity event to your

Review: ASUS MeMO Pad 7 is a decent tablet…for children

Today’s version of parenting? Shutting your crying kid up with a tablet and a library of mobile game apps. Whether you agree with this sort of parenting style or not,

Grootorial: Make your own crochet potted baby Groot

While you are patiently waiting for your Dancing Baby Groot toy to arrive at your doorstep, this cutesy DIY crochet puppet should hold you over. San Francisco-based crochet designer Twinkie

James Gunn clears up confusion around Stan Lee’s cut cameo in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

It was once reported back in January 2014 that Stan Lee was not going to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy because it “wasn’t his creation,” however, that didn’t stop

‘Hello Kitty is not a cat’ is just an argument in semantics

Few two-dimensional cartoon characters graduate into global stardom like Hello Kitty has. What started off as a way to appease Japanese females by connecting them to British culture, she has

BuzzFeed addresses the ‘fake geek girl’ issue in its latest video

The clickbait, millennial-driven media site BuzzFeed has been on a roll lately with its slew of new videos. The latest video drives a certain point home about the rampant sexism

Open letter: If you are contemplating suicide, just know that it is NOT the answer

In the wake of the recent tragic news about the beloved actor Robin Williams, it is with a heavy heart that I write this to you– all of you. The

Wicked Audio Solus headphone review: Pleasant price and quality

If you’re looking for decent quality sound and comfort, then Wicked’s over-ear headphone Solus is worthy of your speculation. Full disclaimer: I’ve never been one to enjoy over-ear headphones. They

Remember to bring your sports cup to this martial arts demonstration

LiveLeak posted a new video a few days ago titled “The best kick in martial arts,” where in it two men, seemingly portraying Street Fighter characters Ken and Ryu, demonstrate

Word nerds revel in Weird Al’s grammar-themed parody of ‘Blurred Lines’

Just when you thought you emphatically enjoyed his recent release “Tacky,” here comes a new video (unfortunately with no special cameos) that is gaining some exposure online for all the

‘A Brony Tale’ review: Just needs to be 20 percent cooler

The world lacks a great deal of love and the magic of friendship, and Bronies are the ones to bring it back. That’s the core of the message behind the

Review: ‘Jersey Boys’ delivers nostalgia and magic but not the drama

In 2005, the classic songs of 1960s pop-rock band The Four Seasons were relived as the musical Jersey Boys made its Broadway debut. Since then, the show has traveled around

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal releases premier trailer

Sailor scouts, brace yourselves: a gorgeous new video trailer for the highly anticipated Sailor Moon reboot was released today, June 5, on YouTube. It features your favorite, original fab five

Misogyny, entitlement and… nerds? Why is nerd culture to blame for Elliot Rodger’s actions?

A compelling article “Your Princess Is in Another Castle: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds” written by Jeopardy-genius Arthur Chu published last week got a lot of attention, and rightfully so. I

ICYMI: ‘Chuck’ movie in the works, Brand is Thanos, ‘Sons of Anarchy’ casts Marilyn Manson and more this week

Where have you been this week? In case you missed it: a lot has happened at the end of May, and the Nerd Reactor staff is here to bring the

What you need to know this week: Hermoine graduates, 21-year-old astro-genius, Brad Pitt attacked and more

Emma Watson Shares Cap and Gown Selfie On Graduation Day Emma Watson can add yet another credential to her already impressive resume: Brown University college graduate. The actress, 24, shared

Things you probably didn’t know about the actors in ‘Maleficent’

Disney’s latest feature film Maleficent flies into theaters this weekend, and if the early reviews are to be believed, then we’ll only be slightly spellbound. However, fans will no doubt

Look: The Avengers get new cute pink costumes as if by Sanrio

If you thought that The Avengers needed their wardrobe redone, well, then you’re apparently not alone. File this one under “Reasons Why I Love the Internet.” If you’ve ever wondered

13 ridiculous uses of the hashtag #nerd on Instagram

There’s a problem with nerds. Not necessarily the people themselves (though that’s up for debate), but with the term nerd. does not define the word necessarily in the most