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Gloomywood releases new trailer for 2Dark

Frederick Raynal and his team in Lyon, France, have been chugging away on their eerie survival horror game 2Dark since the time I wrote an article on here in which I

Court rules in favor of Zenimax on Oculus Rift Lawsuit

The lawsuit that was the gaming worlds equivalent of a messy divorce in which your bitchy ex-wife (or ex-husband) is trying to take you for everything you have has finally

Foursite: A Doom level 12 years in the making

As a lifelong Doom fan, I still never cease to be impressed by the modding scene that is still going strong despite being old enough to drink now. Well color

New Prey trailer looks at an alternate history spin

Prey is one of those games that ends up in development hell for one reason or another. Though it started life as a sequel to the original 2006 release, it

Friday the 13th: The Game delayed to 2017

“You’re going to Camp….” Yeah, yeah, Camp Blood, Death Curse, Doomed all Doomed, we know the routine old man. Yes, you’re going to have wait a bit longer to go

Wasteland 3: From the Desert to the Snow

It’s been two years since the release of Wasteland 2, the long-belated sequel to the iconic RPG Wasteland, originally released by EA in 1988. Now, Brian Fargo and InXile Entertainment

Mafia 3 gets its 60 fps patch

The hotly anticipated but quickly delivered patch that allows PC gamers to up their FPS rate to 60 or unlimited has been released. There was a brief surge of discontent

Samsung Galaxy 7 gets weaponized in GTA V Mod

It’s that time again. No, not for the Wheel of Morality, it’s time to take a look at another moment of weirdness in gaming. This time, someone has decided to

New Shadow Warrior: 2 gameplay trailer shows new Chainsword

Another gameplay trailer has been released for the upcoming FPS, Shadow Warrior 2, and this time we get a look at a new weapon known as the Chainsword. It’s exactly what

Doom finally gets deathmatch

In a move to correct the dubious decision of not having it originally included in the reboot of the game that MADE it popular in the first place, id Software

‘Daymare: 1998’: A blast from the past

Last year, Italian indie developer Invader Studios announced they were canceling their Resident Evil 2: Reborn remake, as Capcom announced that they would be developing an official remake of the

New Strafe gameplay footage, plus Wolfenstein 3D-esque minigame

Pixel Titans’ love letter to shooters of the ’90s, Strafe showed off some new development recently at PAX West which included 23 minutes of high-octane game footage as well as

Tim Allen and DOOM… What the holy ****?

There have been countless things that humanity has done and created whose existence can only be justified by the phrase, “Because we could.” A while ago I wrote an article

New Friday the 13th: The Game footage

It’s been a banner year for PAX West. Another awaited indie project, Friday the 13th: The Game, just got a new trailer. It’s basically a super cut of a bunch

Always bet on the Duke: New Duke Nukem game to possibly be announced

It’s been four years since the long belated release of Duke Nukem Forever, a game that was in development from 1997 all the way till 2012, going through more reboots

‘Sierra Classics’ makes their debut on Steam

A large amount of classic Sierra On-Line adventure games including Quest for Glory, Gabriel Knight, and Police Quest have finally made their debut on Steam. These titles have previously been

BUTCHER: A 2D Platformer Love Letter to Doom and Quake

Indie developers have made a name for themselves by invoking the gaming tropes and ideas of yester-year for the modern age. Transhuman Design, the developer of King Arthur’s Gold, is coming

Zenimax, Oculus legal battle continues

In another shot across the bow from Bethesda Softworks and id Software parent ZeniMax Media, the company has amended its filing in their 2-year-old lawsuit against Oculus VR. Originally, the

New Thimbleweed Park trailer explores the character of Delores Edmund

Thimbleweed Park, the point-and-click adventure game with 50 shades of Twin Peaks and developed by the creators of Maniac Mansion, Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, has had another trailer released.

Scum, gladiatorial combat video game for the 21st Century

Devolver Digital has announced a new high-octane, high-violence game to be added to its publisher’s portfolio. That game is SCUM, an open world, multiplayer survival game co-developed by Gamepires and