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Spending time offline at Anime California

  This past weekend, Anime California’s commencement was a great success. Attendance was replete with elaborate cosplayers and affable attendees that crowded the Hyatt’s illustrious lobby floor. For those critics

Fanime 2013: The Masquerade of The Black and White Ball

Convention-based masquerades have dramatically evolved since their Carnival influences of the fifteenth century. Ambiguously representing the unabridged rules of each host, masquerades have become synonymous with staged performances and secular

Sakuracon 2013: Luna Haruna and Eir Aoi

Channeling The Immaterial There is an intervening substance that exists between the fabric of music and conceptual art. Metaphysically, this medium functions as a translator or a guide through each

The Case of the Emerald City Comicon Syndicate

Comic books consumed most of my time as an adolescent. The ambit of my early years were spent either reading or pretending to be fictional costumed heroes. This might explain

Dragon*Con 2012: The Artistry of Science

Photo courtesy of Electrical engineer Grant Imahara (MythBusters) emceed the tenth annual Dragon*Con Masquerade honoring Leah D’Andrea with their Best in Show accolade. During Leah’s introduction she approached the