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Bryan Singer tweets hilarious Vine for X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past has begun filming in Canada this month. Bryan Singer has tweeted his time in pre-production and on the set. He has recently tweeted a hilarious

Doctor Who 50th: The Other Doctors not to return

With David Tennant‘s 10th Doctor making an appearance in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode, people have been wondering if the other Doctors would make an appearance. The Ninth Doctor,

UPDATED: Doctor Who 50th: The TWO Doctors together!

UPDATE: Sources have stated these are cosplayers.Great cosplaying. These guys should totally be their stand ins. David Tennant has not shot any scenes yet for the 50th anniversary special. Damn.

Doctor Who 50th: The Doctor at Trafalgar Square

A new video has released for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special which features Strax giving a field report on The Doctor. We then see Matt Smith‘s (The Doctor) body

Doctor Who 50th: On location for the 50th special

The Doctor Who 50th anniversary special has started filming and BBC America has given us a sneak peek of filming that features Jenna-Louise Coleman (companion Clara), Jemma Redgrave (UNIT scientific

Book Review – Doctor Who: Summer Falls by Amelia Williams

Oh, BBC. You thought you’d trick me into thinking this book was a book ABOUT the Doctor, but I KNOW my Doctor Who. If you guys are wondering… Amelia Williams

New Star Trek Into Darkness international poster!

Paramount Pictures has just released a new international poster for Star Trek Into Darkness. It features Benedict Cumberbatch front and center in front of destruction. Paramount also released twelve new

ThinkGeek’s April Fools… Oh You!

I love ThinkGeek. They are truly an amazing company that provides me joy for my fandoms. I wished there was a wedding registry for this website. Then they have their

Lady Gaga as Dazzler in X-Men Days of Future Past – UPDATED

I knew it! Lady Gaga’s reps have announced that Lady Gaga as Dazzler in the next movie is NOT TRUE. Good one, Mr. Singer. You win… THIS time. ********************* Since

Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary special: David Tennant and Billie Piper are IN!

Ahhhhhhhh!!! The Official Doctor Who Twitter has posted a photo of David Tennant (the 10th Doctor) and Matt Smith (current 11th Doctor) during a 50th Anniversary Special read through!!! What

Doctor Who: Turn your phone into a Dalek!

Doctor Who fans!!! There is a new app out in the market (iTunes) for your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad that turns your camera into the seeing eyes of the Dalek! You see

The Superhero Media Crossover Project by Butcher Billy

Digital artist Butcher Billy created art by replacing characters in live-action superhero movie stills with the original classic comic book versions! Genius. Butcher Billy wrote: It’s easy to forget how

Shatner is ‘appalled’ by the IRS Star Trek parody

The IRS spent thousands of our tax dollars to produce a Star Trek parody video as a training video. The videos were shown at a training conference in 2010. In

Doctor Who 50th anniversary stamps released!

Only in the UK can you get the special Doctor Who 50th anniversary special postage stamps! These 11 stamps honoring the 11 Doctors have broken records for the most pre-registered

Now YOU can be The Doctor on PS3

Ever wanted to play The Doctor and ride in the TARDIS? Now YOU can…on PS3. BBC has released Doctor Who‘s PlayStation Home. PS3 owners – like myself – can dress

The many faces of Doctor Who: All eleven of them!

Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary of the show will be coming up in November of this year. To accompany the 50th anniversary will be a Doctor Who special featuring the current

Doctor Who: John Barrowman will not be involved with 50th anniversary

Well… this is sad news. John Barrowman – who played Captain Jack Harkness with the 9th and 10th Doctor (Doctor Who) and the series Torchwood – has confirmed that he

Doctor Who: A Prequel to ‘The Bells of Saint John’

BBC One has released a prequel to the first episode of midway season 7 called A Prequel written by head writer Steven Moffat. It shows the Doctor (Matt Smith) sitting

Doctor Who: expect a ‘spellbinding’ 50th anniversary episode”

Filming for the 50th Anniversary episode begins in April for Doctor Who. Matt Smith, the 11th and current Doctor, has read the script and said it was “spellbinding” and the

Doctor Who: New Spring trailer out, plus episode photos and preview clip

O.M.G. The trailer itself is so awesome. It just gets me so excited for this midseason 7 premiere on March 30th! The trailer shows the Doctor and his new companion