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Nintendo Will Build Up Third-Party Support for Wii’s Successor

Even with the Wii being as well sold as it has been, it has arguably the worst total system sales to quality third-party support ratio in the history of video

There’s a ‘Core’ AAA Shooter Coming to Kinect from Microsoft?

Many so-called “core gamers” would probably laugh at the probability that there would be a AAA Shooter on Kinect aiming its sights at them. Well, it seems that Microsoft Games

E3 2011’s Exciting List of Games

Okay, gamers, are you ready for E3 2011? Nintendo is set to unveil their “Project Cafe”, and the Wii will give one last bow. There are also bound to be

Director Hideki Kamiya Commentates While Playing Bayonetta

Famous video game director, Hideki Kamiya, lets us step into his world for awhile to get some insider information on Platinum Games’ first game, Bayonetta. Near the beginning of the

SSX: Deadly Descent Character Video Teases with 5 Seconds of Gameplay

EA has published yet another video for SSX: Deadly Descent, this time discussing the character designs. They focus mainly on Elise’s new look in the game, and it is very

Cave Story for 3DS Pushed to August – Tentative Cover Released with New Pics

I’ve been raving about the original Cave Story for a long time now. There’s just something special about a product that comes together so well, and knowing it was made

Portal 2’s First DLC Out This Summer. Free for All Platforms

There are a few new details about Portal 2’s DLC. One that I think everyone will be interested in is the fact that it will be free for PC, Mac,

Is ‘Shadows of the Damned’ Strange? This Dev Diary Confirms it.

Shinji Mikami and Goichi Suda have put together a new developer diary for Shadows of the Damned, and it’s got all kinds of weird things one normally wouldn’t see. Shinji

Dark Horse’s Dungeon Siege III Comic is Online and Free

Dark Horse has joined forces with Square-Enix by creating a comic for their new PC game, Dungeon Siege III. To access the 10-page comic, you have to register, but it’s

Will Diablo 3 be Out Before the World Ends?

If the world does indeed end in 2012, then I’m sure there are plenty of Diablo fans out there who are greatly anticipating the speedy release of Diablo 3. There’s

inFamous 2’s Behemoth Boss Wreaks Havoc on the City – Video

Unlike the June 7th release date for inFamous 2, the Behemoth boss of the game does not slowly sneak up on you. This new video gives us a good look

Play Tales of the Abyss on 3DS this Fall

Fans of some of the smaller developers, and perhaps in particular Japanese-centric games, often have to worry whether the game they’ve been looking forward to will make its way to

Soul Calibur 5 Information Coming May 11th

Does your soul still burn for Soul Calibur? It appears that we may be in for some new information on Soul Calibur V, or whatever they’re going to call it.

‘Call of Juarez: The Cartel’ Trailer has Law, Disorder, and Mullets

The West gets wild again as the law sports mullets to combat drug cartels. The game will probably be exclusively first-person, and based on the trailer there might be some

Rumor: Sucker Punch Has New IP, but Where’s Sly Cooper 4?

Although Sucker Punch is still slowly carving out the form that will become Infamous 2, there is now news that they’re working on an all-new exclusive PS3 title. Spanish site,

This Portal 2 Turret Plushie Only Shoots Cuteness

Normally it’d be creepy to know that your plushies can see you, but in this case it’s the lovable Portal 2 turret (we’ll make an exception for this one). Industrious

Ridge Racer Goes Xtr3mE

Ridge Racer – it’s the series that keeps on truckin’…or racing, or…whatever it does. Anyway, Namco has released a teaser trailer to rev up excitement for the new title called,

3DS Owners Get Excitebike 3D for Free

Does everyone out there remember NES’ Excitebike? The digital roar of the crowd, the silly way your character ran back to the bike after falling down, and the level editor

Get Your Thumbs on the Red Faction: Armageddon Demo

If you want access to a virtual world full of deconstruction and explosions (and who doesn’t?), your chance is coming on May 3rd. THQ has seen fit to allow us

Possible Proof that Rogue Anonymous Members Are Involved in PSN Outage

A Youtube user named, “TheAnonPress”, has just issued a video in which it is suggested that Sony may be blaming hackers for PSN being down when it may just be