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Anime Expo hosts world premiere of K: Missing Kings

An action-packed, mystery seinen series, the anime K (also known as K Project) was first released in 2012. The story focuses on Yashiro Isana, a friendly and “ordinary” high schooler

AniPiano2014 moving to Anime Expo 2014

On July 3rd, fans of Animenz, Theishter, and xclassicalcatx will be able to hear them play live at Anime Expo 2014! Originally, these three YouTube musicians, famous for their brilliant renditions

Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster art event at Gallery Nucleus

Lines wrapping around corners on the streets…rabid screams ringing out…you know you’re in for a good fan event. The Final Fantasy X/X-II HD Remastered Exhibition did just that at Gallery