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Nerd Wars #51: Batman v Superman v Avengers

This week, Mike and Alex get into a heavy debate (surprise, surprise) when they discuss the end results of both Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War. BIG SPOILER

Nerd Wars #50: Maximum Effort

This week, Alex and Mike discuss the new Daredevil trailer (OMG PUNISHER!), a Ghostbusters reveal and a super spoiler-heavy discussion on the awesomeness of the DEADPOOL movie! We really go

Nerd Wars #49: There Has Been an Awakening

SPOILER ALERT!!! Alex and Mike return in this week’s podcast with a SPOILER HEAVY Star Wars episode. John Peru returns as the sorely needed referee in this TRULY EPIC AND

Nerd Wars #48: It’s Time To Fallout

In this episode, Mike, Alex and guest Jhon Peru focus solely on the awesomeness of Fallout 4 including gameplay, mechanics, story options and more. Oh, and we discuss our places

Nerd Wars #47: Cinematic Universes – From Dreams to Reality

This week, Alex and Mike discuss the latest from Marvel including Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok and the rumor that Fantastic Four is back home. Oh, and also…GODZILLA GETS A CINEMATIC

Nerd Wars #46: To Fallout Is Your Destiny

Darren comes back to discuss Destiny’s The Taken King and Fallout 4 with Alex and Mike. We also discuss Dragon Con and AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta) and the best parts

Nerd Wars #45: Fantastic Disaster

This week we discuss the horrendous Fantastic 4 movie that just plain sucks, and what we think would make some pretty badass crossovers.

Nerd Wars #44: Civil Whaaa…

Today, we discuss the happenings in the DC Cinematic Universe and Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as what American Pie and Spider-Man have in common.

Nerd Wars 43: If You Could Not Spoil All the Movies Next Year, That’d Be Great

Alex and Mike make predictions about Comic-Con 2015 and discuss their thoughts on Terminator Genisys. Check out our previous episodes here.

Nerd Wars #42: The Park Is Open

We discuss Jurassic World and all the excitement from this week’s E3 event, including the Oculus Rift, Fallout 4 and FINAL FANTASY VII!!!

The identity of Jurassic World’s Owen Grady

Jurassic World has come out to incredible numbers. It’s fantastic, it’s thrilling, and it’s fun! You know what else is fun? Fan theories. And we have a good one. SPOILERS

Han Solo frozen in carbonite mini fridge

You’re on your computer and you’re trying to watch Netflix or YouTube. You get thirsty, but you have to go ALL THE WAY to the kitchen to grab a soda.

Brickzinga! Lego Big Bang Theory!

Can’t get enough LEGO? It’s okay, we’re all nerds here, and the next LEGO set to be inspired and requested by geekdom is none other than The Big Bang Theory.

Why an ’80s style movie wouldn’t work today

Last Thursday, Kung Fury finally hit YouTube. Produced by LaserUnicorns, Kung Fury tells the tale of a cop who is bestowed with kung fu powers and is enlisted to stop

To Texas and Back Again! A Pokemon Snap Adventure

Good friends are hard to come by, and everyone has at least one. But does anyone have a friend THIS Awesome? Ponyboy423 over on Imgur posted a series of pictures,

South Park returns this September

Alright kids, get ready because it’s going to be a long summer. Have no fear, because South Park returns on September 23rd! For those of you unaware, South Park will

Now THAT’S a cougar! Wonder Woman to be ‘centuries old’ in Batman v Superman?

Looks like DC is trying to make sure their movies have Legends living in them too. Just as Marvel has Thor, Warner Bros is making their Wonder Woman a sort

Live for the hunt: Man at Arms makes Predator blades

The time for hunting Xenomorphs is now upon us! The guys over at Man At Arms: Reforged have created one of the most beautiful killing devices in cinematic history: Predator’s Retractable

Did You Know Gaming? Video game history at its finest!

Did you know? There are a vast numbers of YouTube channels to check out that offer a wide variety of all things nerd. Cosplay channels, anime channels, parody channels, you

Beware my power! Green Lantern possibly coming to the DCTVU?

Art by Daniel Goettig For those of you who are fans of The CW’s current run of superhero shows, The Flash and Arrow have both delivered some grandiose television lately. Arrow