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He is currently a graphics designer by trade, illustrator for indie games, fashionisto, film production assistant, socialite, sampler of fine music, and taster of various new MMO games. JB likes destructive walks on the beach, visceral plot points, maniacal villains, and collapsing galactic empires.

It’s simple, we kill The Doctor (Batman/Doctor Who comic mashup)

There is a reference in this comic which enthusiasts will understand. However, for those who just dabble in comics and have not followed the various storylines affecting comic fandom, I’ll

Hey Arnold, Rugrats, and Recess all grown up!

In short, Celeste is an Omaha, Nebraska-native, English-major, Art-minor and an excellent doodler! Showcasing some compilations of her artwork, she’s currently working on designs dedicated from Disney’s Recess. Her previous

The OMEn Chronicles, a Harry Potter fan film

Harry Potter was last seen in theaters in 2011. Since then, the admiration of fans worldwide has not ceased. With the explosive spellcasting effects that ramped up since Harry Potter

Review: Crazy4Cult – Cult Movie Art 2

“And I can conclude that I was almost certainly thrilled by the idea that so many talented artists seemed to like the same shit that I like.” And that was

Graphic artist asks Spike Lee for help; Spike refuses

Graphic designer and artist, Juan Luis Garcia, recently expressed an outcry to Spike Lee, director of the Western adaptation to South Korea’s Oldboy (and to the original Japanese manga). In

Cirque du Soleil – Totém (review)

On November 21st, 2013, Nerd Reactor and various other media outlets were invited to experience the wonder of Cirque du Soleil‘s Totém. Although this show was widely advertised in the

Checking out Star Trek – The Art of Juan Ortiz’s opening reception

On November 18, 2013, Nerd Reactor was invited to the opening reception of Juan Ortiz‘s gallery. Located at the Paley Center for Media in collaboration with CBS Consumer Products, all

Capcom 30th Anniversary – Character Encyclopedia (review)

Capcom was first established in 1983. Being both a Japanese developer and publisher, it owns the multi-millionaire franchises such as Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, Street Fighter and Mega Man, just

Adam Warlock’s Cocoon in Thor: The Dark World (SPOILERS)

Anyone who is familiar with Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet storyline would be familiar with Adam Warlock. Adam Warlock is a cosmic-level character, dealing with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos and Thor.

Chicago’s ‘Cell Block Tango’ gets Disneyfied

If you’re a fan of Disney, the musical Chicago, and/or a fan of Todrick Hall, you’ll love this rendition of “Cell Block Tango”, re-envisioned as “Spell Block Tango”. If you

Thor: The Dark World review by JB

After Iron Man 3, the Marvel journey continues with Thor: The Dark World. Taking place sometime after The Avengers and after Iron Man 3, a new menace threatens the Nine Realms, bringing

The Incredible Corpse – Kickstarter

In my previous experience playing indie games and investing time in learning and being involved as a developer in that industry, it never ceases to amaze me how much passion

Stunning ‘Sailor Moon’ fan art

Although there have been many pieces dedicated to Sailor Moon over the last decade or two, Charlie Bowater from the United Kingdoms has created one of the most stunning renditions

‘Mortal Kombat Legacy’ director drops from movie

On October 25, 2013, a tweet from Mortal Kombat Legacy director Kevin Tancharoen announced his departure from Warner Bro’s intended Mortal Kombat movie. After 3 years of Kombat,I've decided to move on to

Army of Darkness 2 – CONFIRMED

Director Fede Alvarez expressed his intention of joining his Evil Dead line with Sam Raimi’s original Evil Dead saga. Both the Alvarez and Raimi camps were open about creating a series of movies

RIFT – Server Merge (MMO)

Aside from the announcement of the Server merges from Trion Worlds, here’s the basic idea of what’s coming on October 23rd for North America and October 24th for Europe. What

REBORN – Mixing Japanese legends with the cyberpunk genre

Founded in 2010, Elemental-Labs, Inc. was led by Franz Tissera and his vision of what would become “REBORN“. Gathering various top-notch talent, Franz and his team understood that quality story, concepts,

The Mummy Online (MMO) Closure

Bigpoint, publisher of various browser games including Drakensang Online and Battlestar Galactica, has announced the official closure of The Mummy Online (the link is now inoperable). The game itself was in Beta

Movie Review: Paradox Alice

Let’s clear some things first… Paradox Alice is produced by Mako Pictures, creating low-budget films that possess interesting concepts. Often times involving a metamorphosis of some sort. Their previous movies are

Review: Star Trek – The Art of Juan Ortiz

Among the graphic designers in the Nerd Reactor crew, I knew that as soon as I saw this book, I needed to review it. Every time design becomes a topic