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The First Games of Thrones Season 2 Teaser Trailer “Shadow” Arrives!

HBO has posted the first teaser trailer for the second season of the critically acclaimed TV series Game of Thrones. This one-minute-and-seven-second long taste provides a sample of several tense

Study Says Your Brain Is Altered by Violent Games

A new research study presented at the annual Radiological Society of North America meeting recently revealed findings which indicate a correlation between playing violent video games and changes in areas

Are NY Comic Con Cosplayers Victims of Cyber Bullying?

The jerks jocks of the world haven’t changed much. Apparently, they haven’t grown much in the ways of maturation since the days of dishing out wedgies and swirlies in the

Behold the Awesome: Snake and Ghost do DragonCon 2011

Thought you had seen enough Dragon*Con 2011 footage? Well, think again. Those crazy guys from beatdownboogie, the masterminds behind a little viral series you may have heard of, are up

The Gamer and Non-Gamer Generation Gap

Reported a mere five days ago by Nerd Reactor’s own John Spartan, CNN’s article penned by William J. Bennett, “Why men are in trouble,” heavily cites video games as a

Dead Space 3 Rumored: How Soon Is Too Soon?

Less than a year after the January 25th release of Dead Space 2 and rumors have already been circulating on the web about the apparent sequel. As eager as I

News Flash: Gamers Have Imaginations!

Another day, another “credible news source” publishing a story on how video games will eventually lead to the downfall of humanity. As a gamer, I personally take offense to such

Defense of the Nerd: Being a Member of a Costume Club

[Author’s Note: Forgive me if you feel that my focus is biased towards Star Wars organizations. I did not intend to overlook or ignore non-Star Wars costume clubs, they just

A Nerd’s Reaction: Did Pottermore Sort Me in the Wrong House?

Earlier last month, Pottermore launched the “Find the Magical Quill” challenge, offering Potter fans a chance to take part in the beta testing of the latest Harry Potter project undertaken

PlayStation Vita Impresses at Tokyo Game Show

Earlier today during the Sony Press Conference at the Tokyo Game Show, the latest portable baby in the PlayStation family took the center stage. New features were boasted and the