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CES 2012: Dish Network’s New Hop

Let’s Hop with Dish. An innovation in the digital satellite TV world is called the Joey-Hopper. Dish launched a new Hopper-Joey HD-DVR entertainment system which includes a Hopper receiver with

CES 2012: Westinghouse HDTV

What is Westinghouse? Westinghouse is a technology company known for bringing the latest high-end technology to consumers at affordable prices. The Nerd Reactor Team wants to bring attention to those

Goodbye William Shatner?

William Shatner or “Priceline Negotiator” will be terminated in a horrific bus crash while saving travelers money. In a short commercial clip, Priceline sends Shatner over a cliff with his

CES 2012: Case-Mate and Nerds?

Case-Mate and nerds? Of course that’s a great combination because Nerds love their phone devices being protected in a stylish nerdy way. Besides phone cases with various designs that you

CES 2012: Shortcuts at Every Fingertip by KB Covers

Toss those annoying cheat sheets for Final Cut Pro X or World of Warcraft because KB Covers got you covered. Programs with shortcuts can be very confusing, so make shortcuts

CES 2012: Contour Teams Up With Cerevo

Contour, leader in hands-free camcorder, and Japanese based Cerevo, announced a partnership to bring live video and audio streaming at CES 2012. The new partnership will allow a simple HDMI

CES 2012: Pioneer’s New Dash

Pioneer Electronics Inc. Car Electronics Division shows off new models, device upgrades, and Android compatibility with numerous of the latest phones with HDMI or MHL. AppRadio was merely on iOS

Justin Timberlake Bringing Sexy Back to Myspace at CES 2012

Justin Timberlake (Co-Owner of Myspace) made a special appearance to introduce Myspace TV at Panasonic’s Press Conference CES 2012. Myspace and Panasonic team up to take television entertainment to the

2011 International Motorcycle Show Report

What do nerds and motorcycles have in common? The magnetism to attract babes of course. But all jokes aside, it’s about feeling the sense of flying and freedom of owning

Man Vs. Machine: Rubik’s Cube

If you thought 5.66 seconds is fast in solving a Rubik’s cube, the CubeStormer II can solve the mysterious little cube in 5.35 seconds using LEGOs and an Android smartphone. The

AT&T and T-Mobile: A Love Not Meant to Be?

AT&T has announced to the public on Thanksgiving Day about setting aside $4 billion in funds if the merger does not go through or break up fee with Deutsche Telekom,

Superhero Phoenix Jones Jailed

The city is not what it use to be… it all happened so fast and everything went to crap. It is like everyone’s sense of morals disappeared. As more and

iPhone 4S Unveiled at Apple’s Special Event

What is new to the iPhone family? Today CEO Tim Cook introduced the new iPhone 4S, which is the fifth edition to the iPhone. The iPhone will remain mostly the same