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Ratchet & Clank PS4 preview

PlayStation fans need no introduction to this game series. At E3 2015 I had a few moments to play the PS4 remake/reimagining of the original game. Walking around the PlayStation

E3 2015: Assetto Corsa racing simulator coming to console in 2016

There are driving simulators, and then there is Assetto Corsa. This year at E3, I had a chance to test out the driving simulator on a full racing rig, and

E3 2015: Turtle Beach is always a winning choice in audio

Its E3 week yet again, and today we have a small preview of what Turtle Beach has in store for you hardcore gamers. We have wireless headphones, updated wired headphones,

E3 2015: Nyko reveals its latest accessories for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and more

In 2015, Nyko is giving gamers more of what they need: storage room by way of Data Banks, a Type Pad for Xbox One, a Modular Charge Station for PlayStation

Logitech introduces new Force Feedback Racing Wheels for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Do you consider yourself a hardcore racer when it comes to gaming? Have you wanted to play your latest PS4 or Xbox One racing game with the feel of a

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge arriving 2016

Power Ranger fans of all ages have a lot to look forward to in 2016. Saban has just announced the new title for the next Power Ranger season. The current

Xbox One getting a 1TB upgrade and more

Last week it was reported that the PlayStation 4 would be getting a 1TB hard drive version very soon. This may not be that big of a deal on the

Explore. Discover. Create. Lego Worlds

Explore. Discover. Create. Lego Worlds. That’s what some people are reading on small flyers found inside some Lego sets, hyping up Lego Worlds. The flyer directs you to a website

The Ratchet & Clank movie to release in 2016

We have a new release date for the Ratchet & Clank movie, and it’s April 26, 2016. Last year during E3 we got a small preview of the movie as

Silver Mario amiibo arriving in stores on May 29

A few months ago some images were leaked showing both a gold and silver Mario amiibo. In February the gold Mario was released as a Walmart exclusive and caused a

Take a quick drive in Rome with James Bond

Bond fans, I have a special treat for you today, and that’s a clip of from the new move Spectre. In the clip you don’t get to see James Bond

Anti-theft pedals keep your bike safe and track your daily commute

Fitness trackers are all over the place, from your latest smart watch to different gadgets you can dawn for your daily workout. While most fitness trackers go on your person,

Daniel Radcliffe will star in GTA drama show for the BBC

Very few could argue that the Grand Theft Auto franchise has changed the way we see violence in video games. Each game has had some sort of controversy as well

Lego Batman v Superman trailer is still just as dark as the original

It seems trailers and teasers are constantly being leaked online. This happened earlier in the week with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. First we had a small teaser with

Mario Kart 8 is bringing the speed

For those Mario Kart 8 owners, if you think 150cc was fast, wait until you get to play at the new 200cc speed class later this month. That’s right, on

Seth Green and the WWE Network bring you Camp WWE

The WWE Network will be bringing eight new shows of original content this year, and one of those shows will be a short-form comedy series in collaboration with Seth Green.

Sony purchases parts of OnLive, killing off service on April 30

OnLive has had a very troubled life and now it seems that the game streaming service is finally down for the count. It was announced on April 1st that Sony

Kill some time with Super Mario 64 on your browser

A new week is coming and I already wish it were Tuesday. If you dread Mondays like I do, maybe you could also kill some time getting some game time

Does your zombie apocalypse plan include a flamethrower?

All joking aside, we don’t have to suffer a zombie apocalypse to get some flamethrower action. Starting next week you can support an IndieGoGo campaign to get your very own

Let’s start printing Pancakes with the PancakeBot

As many of you know, 3D printing has been getting bigger and bigger every year. While this technology is not new, it’s still is in its infancy stage. Most home