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A study in memes: Interesting facts about Sherlock Holmes

The other day I was scrolling through Pinterest, I discovered this meme, and was struck with something akin to wonder. The person who created this seemed to be a ignoring

Unfamiliar episodes of…The Twilight Zone

In 1959, CBS premiered a television series that would, during the course of its 156 episodes, leave an undeniable mark on our modern culture. The Twilight Zone remains the gold

5 of the Best Futurama Episodes

In 1999, I was a senior in high school, looking toward my future. Everyone else was thinking about the future too, because that was the year of Y2K. For you

In defense of Superman

With last week’s premiere of the Man of Steel trailer, the internet has been aglow with excitement about the upcoming film. It’s been seven years since Superman Returns* played to

5 Classic Dungeons & Dragons Monsters

When you think of tabletop roleplaying games, Dungeons and Dragons, without question, is at the top of the list. This pencil and paper, RPG has been rocking our hearts and

My time in the shadows: Reflections of a former thief

I can still remember quietly slinking down alleyways of The City, hiding in shadow, eavesdropping on the often inane conversations of the Hammerite Guards. I remember sneaking into a room,

The ‘butterfly effect’ of science fiction

I once heard someone say that there was a scientific study performed, in which it was proven that adults who were raised on science fiction were more tolerant than those

A Snake by any other name: An alternative to remaking Escape from New York

With the news that Hollywood is once again attempting to remake Escape From New York, casting rumors continue to swirl and the two frontrunners for the role of Snake Plissken

Top 5 Picks for Best Batman the Animated Series Episodes

Batman the Animated Series is, if not the best translation of the character to the medium of film/television, the best remembered. BTAS gave us a fully fleshed out Gotham City

5 Picks for International Tabletop Day

By Rob Walker Never heard of International Tabletop Day? You will. The geniuses behind the wonderful Geek & Sundry Youtube Channel have named March 30th International Tabletop Day. This day

Barbarians and stop-motion monsters: 5 fantasy films from the 1980s

By Rob Walker Ever since the first The Lord of the Rings film hit theaters in 2001, fantasy properties have been everywhere in the entertainment landscape. The one-two punch of

Resident Evil and the horrors of advertising

By Rob Walker When I saw the first Resident Evil in 2002, I enjoyed it. While the first film strayed substantially from the source material, it was a fun action/horror