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How aboot going to ReactorCon, eh? A Canadian in Los Angeles tale

A great sense of accomplishment coursed through my veins this past November. Nerd Reactor hosted our very own convention, ReactorCon, and to call it a success would be be putting

‘Ingress’ will glue you to your Android even more!

It seems that Google has done it again. Rather than to let me get on with my day, it has created an augmented reality game, Ingress, that uses your Android

Skylanders: Giants soundtrack will take you for a ride

I’m sure I’m not the only one to sit down and ponder, “Whatever happened to Spyro the dragon?” Well Spyro is back with his new Skylander pals in an all

Paul Rudd and Ray Lewis battle it out Madden-style!

To promote the release of Madden NFL 13, the folks over at the EA Sports YouTube channel have released a series of hilarious videos depicting a rivalry between NFL player

Give sports games a chance!

Out of all the video games out there today, one genre receives a lot of flak from so called ‘gamers’. Yes, I am in fact talking about sports games. A