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The Walking Dead Escape takes over San Diego Comic-Con!

Grab your running shoes and favorite zombie-killing weapon (please don’t actually bring a weapon) as The Walking Dead Escape hits up San Diego Comic-Con on July 25th and 26th! The popular event has

NHL logos get the ‘Puckmon’ treatment

  Now that you’ve recovered from that horrible pun, check out this incredible NHL/Pokemon artwork by Behance user Benjamagnus.      While Blastoise and Slow King du- I mean, the New

Be ‘Geek Chic’ with an LD West wallet and cell phone holster

We’ve all had the discomfort of trying to fish for our phones or wallet out of our pockets. Whether it be your favorite pair of jeans or dress pants, the

Sports and Geekery Collide! Interview with Geeky Jerseys!

As the Stanley Cup Playoffs series between the LA Kings and Chicago Blackhawks reaches a boiling point, us fans of non-playoff or eliminated teams will have to get our hockey fix

OIGC 2014 – Interview with Square Enix Latin America’s Sabrina Carmona

As one of the largest ‘untapped’ gaming markets in the world, Latin America is at a crossroads. With a huge potential customer base and more buying power than ever before,

OIGC 2014 Interview: Howard Scott Warshaw on E.T for Atari, psychology and the future of gaming!

The man was given five weeks. Five weeks to adapt one of the most iconic movies of all time into a captivating and immersive experience on the Atari 2600. Things

Interview: Uncanny X-Men Days of Future Past lead developer Eric Dalrymple

With today’s highly anticipated release of X-Men: ays of Future Past, the X-Men craze has reached a fever pitch! Along with the highly anticipated movie, Marvel and Ottawa’s very own Glitchsoft

Comics In Focus: Chris Claremont’s X-Men (review)

He is one of the people responsible for one of the most iconic Wolverine comics of all time. Although he didn’t create the character, he’s probably the most iconic writer

Konami introduces PES manager for I-phone and Android in 50 new countries!

Soccer fans and gamers rejoice! Konami announced on Tuesday that its popular World Soccer Collection S game will now be available in over 50 countries! Under the title of “PES

Ottawa Comiccon 2014: Masquerade gallery

One of the most highly anticipated events of any convention is the cosplay masquerade. From entry level all the way to the master and artisan levels, it’s a chance for all geeks

Ottawa Comiccon 2014: Cosplay gallery

Last weekend, the nation’s capital was filled with geeks and cosplayers as Ottawa hosted its third annual Comiccon. 38,000 fans crammed into the Ernst and Young Centre to take in

Ottawa Comiccon 2014: Interview with international cosplayers Elffi and Calssara

We headed down to Ottawa Comiccon 2014 and interviewed Elffi and Calssara Cosplay about their fame, juggling their Cosplay travel and responsibilities and their thoughts on the “Cosplay/= Consent” movement.

Ottawa Comiccon 2014: Interview with the voice of Mario, Charles Martinet

Considered by many to be the voice of their childhood hero, we interviewed the voice of everyone’s favourite Italian plumber, Mario, about his audition, leisure time and favourite fan interactions!

Use the Force! Bauer Hockey unveils five ‘Star Wars’ themed masks

A long time ago, on an ice rink far, far away… err or something like that. With the internet abuzz with news concerning the new Star Wars movie and ongoing

Ottawa Comiccon 2014: Interview with Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson

With Ottawa Comiccon set to kickoff this weekend, Canada’s capital is already buzzing with nerdy activities! Daleks and Stormtroopers took over Ottawa’s downtown core this Thursday, gearing up for the

Hugh Jackman set to hang up his claws?

For over a decade, the names Wolverine and Hugh Jackman have largely been one and the same. Whether it be in solo flicks (let’s just forget about Origin, okay?) or

Justin Kurtzel set to direct Assassin’s Creed movie?

While geeks everywhere are salivating at the mouth due to today’s Star Wars casting announcement, another nerdy endeavor has some big news of its own. The highly anticipated Assassin’s Creed movie

Interview with Paul Granger, owner of Ottawa’s new ‘House of Targ’

If you were to ask someone from Ottawa what they thought of their city, it’s quite possible the word “boring” might come up. The city has some nice parks and

Pikachu announced as Japan’s official World Cup 2014 Mascot

“They want to be, the very best, that no one ever was…” At least that’s what we’re hoping Japan’s motto is going to be for this summer’s upcoming World Cup.

Back to the Future becoming a reality? Nike power laces, guitar auction and a musical

Back to the Future fans will not have long to wait to get their hands on some iconic movie memorabilia and futuristic footwear. You might remember awhile back when Nike