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How a Mini Digital Scale Could Have Saved My Sardines

How nerdy can a luggage scale be? Not especially nerdy, but the stuff we carry with us to gaming and electronics conventions will matter to our luggage fees and our

AT&T Acquires T-Mobile USA

  As if the lackluster service at T-Mobile wasn’t hint enough of a downhill slump, T-Mobile has announced that it is being purchased by telecom giant AT&T.  AT&T is the

USB 3.0 Standard is Thunderbolted

  Do you remember having to power down your PC and your printer before plugging it in? Before the days of USB, there was parallel and serial. USB was innovative because

Net Neutrality – Packet Discrimination

Many of us should know the feeling: you are at work and when browsing the internet you reach a message “Content is Blocked.” Welcome to packet discrimination. The future of internet

Skype Group Video Calling Launched… with a Price

Skype has announced the launch of their Group Video Calling feature for consumers and enterprises. The feature is part of the premium package, which costs $8.99 a month. If that

CES 2011: Intel Press Conference

The biggest news from the Intel Press Conference, Sandy Bridge core processors. These processors are the second generation of the Intel Core i7, i5, and i3 processors. This techy, but

CES 2011: MSI Overclocking Competition

MSI invited Nerd Reactor to an extreme computer overclocking competition they were hosting during CES. MOA (Master Overclocking Arena) 2011: Operation Las Vegas was also livecast via and boasted

CES 2011: LG Press Conference

Live from the floors of CES (literally, I’m typing this from the conference room floor), LG just kicked off the CES Day 0 Press Day. The expected “hot” product this year

Movie Review: TRON Legacy

As covered in a recent article, Nerd Reactor attended a pre-screening of TRON Legacy. It seemed that those that at least showed up 30 minutes prior to showtime was able

Actor Leslie Nielsen Dies at 84

Actor/Comedian Leslie Nielsen is dead at 84 of pneumonia. Pneumonia may be caused by many ailments, but basically the body’s immune systems are in a weakened state causing foreign agents

Long Beach Comic Con Day 2 – Cosplay Pictures

The majority of the foot traffic for Long Beach Comic Con (LBCC) will predictably occur on Saturday. The pictures below speak for themselves, as cosplay is well alive for this

Take On The Machine – A Challenge to Hackerspaces

“Hackers” may have more or less disappeared from mainstream news, but the culture is well alive and it may even be active in your city. Scattered around the globe are

Wii Party – Open Casting Call

The Wii is widely known for its party value with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort at the top of every casual gamers’ list of party games. At this time,

Win a Stan Lee Signed Spider-Man Poster Worth $300

Nerd Reactor will soon have a new face and we are going to introduce him in a grand way that our readers can actively partake in, with a SCAVENGER HUNT

Coconut’s Survival Guide to Anime Expo LA

It’s that time of year again. Time to pack those bags, charge those camera batteries, and ready your cosplay outfits for Anime Expo (AX). This year will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) on July 1-4 and will be my fifteenth year of attendance. I thought I would draw from my experiences and give readers Coconut’s Survival Guide to Anime Expo LA.