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The iPad 3 is upon us

Apple just recently sent out invitations for a media event to be held in San Francisco next Wednesday March 7. Apple PR has not verified that they will be unveiling

Timbuk2 Crater Laptop Sleeve – Available in Nerdzilla green!

Having its start in 1989 as a San Francisco based bike messenger bag company, Timbuk2 has expanded to one of the trendiest ways to lug your DSLR, tablet, or laptop

Spartacus: Vengeance Red Carpet Premiere and Ep 1 Review was invited to attend the red carpet premiere of Spartacus: Vengeance. The second season will air on Starz on Friday January 27th. Guest writer Laura S. gives us her

CES 2012 – The Post Report and Weight Gain Explained Within!

Over our 8000 calories Quadruple Bypass burgers from Heart Attack Grill, the Nerd Reactor team is not only replenishing from the miles and miles of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) coverage,

CES 2012 – Australian Laptop Cases by Toffee, Koala Bears Not Included

Nobody can deny the saturation of Apple accessories on the market. The showrooms of CES immediately attest to this fact, but reality is that you may sometimes find a product

CES 2012 – Tobii Lets Your Eyes Do the (Mouse) Pointing

Computer navigation via gestures and hand movements was neat…..about 2 years ago. The next generation peripheral input is coming to us from Tobii’s Gaze eye tracking. Simply use your pupils

CES 2012 – Dropped Your Phone in the Toilet? P2i Could Have Saved You

P2i is not a standard household name, but the recently released Motorola Droid Razr should definitely be. All Droid Razr’s that leave the factory (even the one in your hand),

CES 2012 – Monster’s Star Studded Press Conference

 It is Day 0 at the International CES and the Venetian is already overrun by industry and press outlets. The press rooms are at/near capacity and the shared WiFi internet

Exclusive Dark Knight Rises Behind-the-Scenes – Bat Pod Joy Ride through Downtown

The next Batman movie has been filming in full swing these past 2 months in Downtown Los Angeles. These aren’t the boring dialogue scenes that we’re talking about, but full-on

Safe Skies TSA Luggage Lock Revisited

The Nerd Reactor crew recently made a business trip out to Atlanta for the legendary Dragon*Con cosplay fest. Check out our coverage here. With anything airfare related comes parting with

D*C: Nerd Reactor Takes Over Atlanta for DragonCon 2011!

DragonCon is a GO and Nerd Reactor has traveled more than 2,000 miles to celebrate in the mecca of East Coast cosplay. We were inspired to attend this cross-country convention

SDCC 2011: Sexy Tablet Talk with AMD VP Leslie Sobon was invited to have a one-on-one chat with AMD Vice-President Leslie Sobon at the Comic-Con AMD Press Lounge in the San Diego Omni Hotel. Leslie is tasked with world-wide StarCraft 2 Tournament – L2P by Observation!

With the popularity of StarCraft 2, it is not unheard of to see tournaments organized wherever gamers gather. Enter piqued our interest in being a tournament organized outside

Safe Skies TSA Luggage Lock Review

Let’s face it, if something is precious to you then you don’t let it leave your sight, and if it must leave your sight, you better have it locked down. We

SDCC 2011 – The Onsite Pre-Registration Fiasco for 2012 Passes

It is 7:00 am on the Friday of Comic-Con 2011 and I am sitting on the carpeted floor of the Hyatt Douglas Pavillion. Preregistration last year was easy enough, as

Gam3rCon presents Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog Live and Gam3rs: the Play

The expressions on our faces as my wine glass knocks from my hand and into the cement rooftop…followed by a frozen moment of stillness. One of the stars of the

New Alienware Laptops M14x and M18x Announced

Many will agree that Alienware computers are among the flashiest and sleekest gaming PC devices (just ask the girl next to me at Starbucks who noticed my M11x and called

WCKD Radio is Facebook’s First Online Radio Station for New Artists

Not too long ago, Myspace was the mecca for new artists to showcase their music. When giant, Facebook, came along much of the social crowd was wooed away, yet Myspace

The ‘Winning’ Babes of WonderCon 2011

There is something that you can always count on when Nerd Reactor is in attendance at your local convention. Now, our readers can enjoy the chilly San Francisco breeze as

“Handprint Identification, Please” – Imation Biometric Flash Drive

If Sucker Punch didn’t catch the movie lovers’ hearts, the eye candy surely did. With this in mind, I set my Google search to “Vanessa Hudgens” (oh don’t be clowning