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CES 2015 – GenZe, an all electric solution for short trips

CES is not commonly an auto or bike show, but really every corner you look, more and more vehicle technologies are being developed and showcased here. As an urbanite living amongst

CES 2015: Sony Press Conference on Day 0

Day 0 Press Day at CES and Nerd Reactor has safely survived Interstate 15. Hanging our hats in our hotel room was first on the agenda, second is the Sony

How a viral YouTube video cost Apple 23 billion dollars

Despite moving 10 million new iPhone devices in the latest launch, Apple is still recovering from a 23 billion dollar loss of stock. To put that into perspective, that loss

Interview with rePLAY Symphony’s Jason Michael Paul

During Anime Expo, we had the chance to chat with rePLAY Symphony producer Jason Michael Paul. The orchestral concert tours all around the world and features video game scores like Final Fantasy,

CES 2014: Soul Headphones presents Tim Tebow and Brendan ‘The Hybrid’ Schaub

Soul’s CEO, Lan Kennedy-Davis, started the press conference by introducing Soul Electronics’ friends and partners: Tim Tebow, Brendan “The Hybrid” Schaub and Gary So. Tim Tebow is widely known as an NFL

CES 2014: Monster brings out the Shaq-Fu with their new line-ups

Monster is strong as ever with their new star-studded line-up of products at this year’s CES. We’ve had surprise guest appearances in the past which included Nick Cannon, Xzibit, Drew

CES 2014: Anker showcases Power IQ technology for their external batteries

CEO of Anker Japan, Yoshitsune Ido, gave us a personal demo of their Power IQ technology during the Pepcom Digital Experience. Anker is widely known for selling their portable batteries

CES 2014: A recap of Day 0 Press Day

CES is an annual event where we get to play with the latest gadgets and technology. Direct to you, we will be providing first hand experiences of all our encounters.

SDCC13′ Evil Dead party and coverage

The film crew from the movie, Evil Dead, along with Sony Pictures and IGN, were gracious enough to invite Nerd Reactor to their festive affairs at Comic-Con 2013. In attendance

SDCC 2013: Nerd Reactor sponsored Hotline Party pictures and coverage

On July 13, 2013, Nerd Reactor co-sponsored one of the major parties at this year’s Comic-Con 2013. It was even featured on the Daily News as one of the parties

Stimulate your inner PTSD with the real life Resident Evil experience

This came out of hiding about a little while ago but we still wanted to make sure word got out to our Resident Evil fans before it is phased out

CES 2013 – Impressions from a weary survivor

The Nerd Reactor crew has survived yet another week-long ordeal at CES (Consumer Electronics Show.) Talk about being victim to the things you love, because at this concluding day of

What’s this Google Nexus 4 that the internet is crazy about and why would I want it?

While much of the world is in a blitz to buy the next high powered tablet, it should come to no surprise that many would have no clue about Google’s

Interview: Minecrafter ChimneySwift11 finds dancing shoes and equips it IRL

ChimneySwift11 sits atop the the YouTube pool with almost 700,000 subscribers and 200 million views. As a director of the Machinima Realm family, he has made his name by releasing

Dikembe Mutombo has 4½ weeks to save the world! You heard me, now it gets more ridiculous

Old Spice Deodorant has a strange way of advertising. As if their commercials on TV weren’t out-there enough, enter Dikembe Mutombo and his quest to save the world. This online

I came to dance! – Dance Showdown on YouTube airing now!

Dance Showdown Season 2 just released its 8th Episode. We are now in the final four of the dance competition and if you’ve missed any of the action, all of

SDCC: Assassin’s Creed III live demo unveiled at Comic-Con

3 years in the making, Assassin’s Creed III will be the 5th installment in the franchise. This heavily anticipated multi-platform game will launch on October 30, 2012. Comic-Con attendees were

Labyrinth of Jareth 2012 Photo Gallery was invited to the Labyrinth of Jareth 2012. The event was a lot of fun, and it was great to see all the amazing and beautiful outfits from the

Editorial: Grand Theft Auto and my next identity

Peter Villa Jr. is a guest writer from a local San Diego high school. He shares with us his experience with the Grand Theft Auto series. Although the release date

Microsoft, Apple, and Google to join forces in unified mobile OS

The big 3 in mobile OS computing has just announced on this April 1, 2012, that they will be joining forces and creating a unified mobile OS. It is yet