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You may or may not have seen me dancing around on our YouTube channel. I really love psychology and dissecting shows/film. Also your token anime nerd.

Disney to make a live-action Pinocchio

Will the next few years be filled with loads of live-action Disney classics? I feel as if it might be. Recently, the new adaption of Cinderella has been a hit.

George Takei’s ‘It Takeis Two’ gets a teaser

How much do you love George Takei? I hope it’s a lot. The Star Trek star has finally released a teaser for his upcoming “reality” show starring himself, alongside his

Steven Spielberg to direct Ernest Cline’s book Ready Player One

It seems as if Loot Crate now gives us hints into the future. Just last month I received the book Ready Player One in the subscription box, and now Steven

Mini-Me from Austin Powers is hospitalized after attending a con

This past weekend at Heart of Texas Comic Con in Waco, there was something more that happened than just a bunch of nerds coming together and having fun. Verne Troyer,

‘Cinderella’ review: As lovely as her glass slippers

I had the lovely chance to see the new Disney live-action remake of Cinderella, and let me tell you, I fell in love. Now, I’m sure most of us know

New series iZombie to premiere March 17th

Recently, the official iZombie Twitter account, @CWiZombie, posted about a new show coming to The CW. iZombie is a new series based off of the comic book by Chris Roberson

Man builds Iron Man suit with 3D printer

Alright, people are getting more creative these days. I already knew that things were getting pretty intense when I began listening to how people made their cosplay, but when I

Syfy releases premiere dates for new and returning shows

Syfy is popping out shows left and right this spring season, so I hope you’re excited for a bunch of new series. They released all of the premiere dates for

Dragon Ball Z fan film better than Hollywood version

If you’re not entirely sure what Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope is, then I’m here to enlighten you. RobotUnderDog is a website that was formed all the way back

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D stage performance

The other day, I stumbled across an article by Gamer Motion that gave me the absolute chills! I’m particularly fond of watching skits from conventions. You know, the ones that

San Diego Comic-Con tickets on sale

So, the time has come. The life changing, difficult, war worthy challenge has come to get Comic-Con tickets. Yes, that’s right folks. This Saturday, February 21st, San Diego Comic-Con tickets

Jessica Nigri cast as Super Sonico in English dub

Most of us know and love Jessica Nigri, right? I mean, I think she’s a pretty swell person. I first found out about her when Kassem G interviewed her on

Top 5 articles for the month of January

So the month of January had some pretty exciting things going on. First month of the new year, and we already got a bunch of news to enjoy! First off,

Emma Watson to play Belle in Beauty and the Beast remake

It seems like more and more Disney movies are slowly being made into live-action films. (Hey, I’m not complaining.) For example, we’re getting a┬ánew live-action Cinderella adaption this year. Besides

Harry Potter’s Draco Malfoy is actually a Gryffindor

Draco Malfoy may be a Slytherin, but our beloved Tom Felton, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. He decided to finally join Pottermore, and after being sorted, he

Armenian girl auditions with a Fifth Element song

If you don’t already like The Voice, I certainly hope this changes your mind. Last April, this video was published; however, I’ve only recently seen it floating around from one

5 movies in 2014 that are under the radar

2014 was a fantastic year for movies, but there are some that went under the radar. If you haven’t heard of the next few films, then please do yourself a

Two new Into the Woods songs released

Into the Woods is almost out, yay! Who else is going to go and see it on Christmas? It’s my second favorite musical, and happened to be the very first

Block N Load, a new game from Jagex

Last Thursday, Jagex announced a new game. Yay! If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s called Block N Load, and it’s loads of fun. It’s a first person shooter,

YouTube Space LA – Halloween 2014

This lovely October, some members of NR and myself were lucky enough to attend the Halloween party at YouTube Space LA. Apparently, the entire set was designed by Guillermo Del