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The Razer Hydra: Take Full Control

Wii for the PC. This was my first thought upon catching a glimpse of the Razer Hydra in action at E3 2011. A working demo of Portal 2 and Call

Team Fortress 2 Is Turning Free To Play!

In a recent interview between Develop-Online and Valve’s Robin Walker, it was announced that TF2 (Team Fortress 2) is now becoming permanently free to play! It’s only financial support will

League of Legends: E3 Preview (Exclusive Concept Art)

Riot has always been a company that takes it’s user base into account when creating new heroes, changing current ones, or adding new concepts to gameplay. With what they showed

Steelseries: Diablo 3 goodies!

Steelseries has always had top of the line gaming gear, and this year at E3, we were shown a few of their new products. Although not on the market yet,

Nival’s Prime World, the next big MOBA

On E3 day two, I had an interview scheduled with Nival. After doing a little research, I found that the company focused on strategy games. Based in Moscow, Russia, they

League of Legends: DOTA Evolved

League of Legends first popped onto the scene as a project by Riot Games, a company started by the original creators of the super popular Warcraft 3 map, Defense Of

The Razer Naga: In Depth Review

Over the years, Razer has become a household name among PC gamers. With everything from keyboards to headphones , Razer has been releasing products that can not only enhance the

The Old Republic: E3 Teaser Trailer

Bioware has just released a new trailer detailing many of  things to do in this massive MMORPG. No new information was released other than one particular part that made me

Perpare to get Zerged!

As many of us know, Starcraft 2 was released with only the Terran campaign. Next in line for expansions, is the Zerg story titled, Into The Heart of the Swarm.

Rift, It’s Like WoW, but Not

Thanks to our awesome friends at Direct2Drive, Rift was on half price this week! So we grabbed it. Released just a few months ago, the MMO Rift from Trion, now

Direct2Drive, Helping You Become Even Lazier!

Looking for that quick fix but dont want to leave the safety of your own home due to radioactive shark monsters? Then do we have a solution for you! Direct2Drive

Riot Games is Giving Power Back to the Players

Riot Games, the creators of the online phenomenon of competitive gaming, League of Legends, has just released the Tribunal system. What does this mean exactly? Well, now max level (30)

The Force Offers Unlimited Power

As Bioware’s new MMO, Star Wars: The Old Eepublic draws ever near, we have been blessed with a new trailer featuring “The true power of the dark side”. It’s a

Aliens, Ecchi, and High School: Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko revolves around a high school boy named Niwa Makoto. He lives with his aunt and her daughter since his parents have oversees jobs. It is

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3DS Review

Samurai Warriors Chronicles is another hack and slash game from the creators of Dynasty Warriors, based on the Sengoku period in Japan. SWC is a single player action game focusing

Screencandy: Removable Fun

Screencandy is a fun new way to decorate your laptop, screen, or mobile device in an easy, non-after-sticky way. Screencandy comes in a large variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Dream Trigger 3D Preview

Featuring stunning visuals and an “original” soundtrack, Dream Trigger 3D is an arcade shooter where players trigger sonar bombs to expose colorful enemies, and then blast them into multicolor patterns.