The Cowboy and the Samurai: From Robin Williams Viral Video to Jack Nicholson

Courtesy of The Lewis Brothers

Jamie Costa is well-known for his talent of mimicking the voice and personality of Robin Williams in short videos like “Never Had A Friend Like Him” and “ROBIN Test Footage Scene.” He truly captured the late comedian that had fans in amazement. The actor/impressionist has also captured the voices of other actors including Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Harrison Ford as Han Solo. Now, he’s taking on the role of Jack Nicholson.

The Lewis Brothers worked with Costa on the Robin Williams test footage scene, and they’re all back with a follow-up film about the short-lived heated relationship between Jack Nicholson and John Belushi. Costa was brought on board to play Jack Nicholson, with Sandy Danto as John Belushi.

“We remained truthful to the overall vibe of who these icons are but it’s more of a fantasy. It really has one foot off the ground,” Jake Lewis tells Variety.

The short film is based on the time Nicholson and Belushi were working together in Goin South, a film that marks the first time the former has directed and starred in his own project. There was drama on the set with Belushi doing drugs while shooting and butting heads with producers, according to Patrick McGilligan’s “Jack’s Life,” a Jack Nicholson biography.

“Jack treated me like s*** on ‘Goin’ South.’ I hate him,” Belushi said about his fellow co-star and director (via TCM).

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