The Lion King at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre Is Still Stunning and a Must-See for Fans

The Lion King is one of Disney’s most popular animated films, and it’s no surprise that a stage musical version has also become the #1 musical in the world. It has all the ingredients for a classic including extravagant costumes, larger-than-life song and dance numbers, a tale of redemption and belonging, and actors channeling their inner animals on the stage. The Lion King at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre is stunning and a must-see for fans of the franchise and musicals, faithfully adapting the memorable music, resonating story and lovable characters on the stage.

Last year marked the 25th anniversary of The Lion King on Broadway, and it shows no signs of slowing down. What really makes the show unique is the costume design. It may look silly to see the actors dressed up as very stylized versions of their characters, but it works. You quickly forget that it’s a performer wearing a lion’s mask on top of their head. A lot of animals are showcased here, and it’s a feast for the eyes from the giant elephants to the graceful gazelle. The stage lighting, set design and props are also commendable, especially in the scene where Simba confronts his past and his father. Nothing beats seeing the animals roam around to immerse and engage the audience.

The performances are also splendid, and the cast brings to life their animal counterparts from their high energy to their comedic antics. Gerald Ramsey as Mufasa is powerful and commands the room, Peter Hargrave as Scar is delightfully evil, and Nick Cordileone as Timon & William John Austin as Pumbaa are hilarious. Darian Sanders as Simba makes it fun as he hangs out with his new friends, and he’ll make you root for him as he returns to fight for Pride Rock to become the king he was meant to be.

The Lion King at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre prevails in capturing the spirit and heart of the animated Disney classic. The show has a lot of heart with its theme of family, friends, and the circle of life, and it’s an uplifting production that will entertain and inspire. Fans of the movie and musicals will not want to miss this show whenever it’s playing at the theatre.

The show is playing at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre now until March 26, 2023. You can get tickets at

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