Minecraft and Mattel Team Up for Camp Enderwood Figures and Video Game DLC

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Courtesy of Mattel Inc

Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game, and it has partnered up with Mattel, the toy company behind Barbie, Hot Wheels, Masters of the Universe, Monster High, MEGA and more. Last week, we were invited to visit Mattel HQ to check out their new collaboration where fans get to collect the Camp Enderwood toy line and play Minecraft Creator Series Camp Enderwood DLC. The in-game content features new characters and a map filled with camping-inspired mini-games, and today, it’s available to download for free on the Minecraft Marketplace.

Minecraft Creator Series Camp Enderwood DLC requires Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, and it brings the fun of camping inside the voxel world including roasting marshmallows, horseback riding, archery, disco dancing, trampolining, and arts and crafts, and a scavenger hunt. The content encourages exploration, and your guide, Star Child, will be available to help you navigate Camp Enderwood. The world has some fun and spooky areas, so proceed with enthusiasm and curiosity.

Courtesy of Mojang Studios.

Alongside Star Child, you’ll get to meet campers and cryptids including Top Athlete, Camp Rockstar, Glamper, Gamer, Ska Kid, Craft Lady, Avid Adventurer, Moth Creature, Sunken Spirit, and the Yeti.

The collaboration will have players experiencing the fun in real life with Mattel’s Minecraft toys from the DLC. Brad Harris, the lead designer at Mattel, designed Camp Enderwood and the figures with help from Minecraft developer Mojang Studios.

“With Camp Enderwood specifically, we’re making stuff that isn’t in just base game – isn’t in vanilla Minecraft,” Harris said during the Camp Enderwood preview event at Mattel headquarters. “And so being able to kind of work with them and develop and create something new has been something we wanted to do for a while, and finally are able to get it out in the world.”

Courtesy of Mattel Inc

Minecraft has rules for its characters, and Mattel had to adhere to those rules in order to capture the Minecraft look. From what we saw of the new figures in person, they are brought to life in fun and creative ways.

“It’s identifying what are the really key characteristics,” Harris said of the toy designing process. “Like, you think of a moth creature – it has big red eyes and antenna. How does that express itself into Minecraft? Make those eyes really big, which also kind of makes it cutesy, and then just start breaking it down into all of those smaller parts and translating it from reality.”

There’s a bonus to getting the figures, and that’s exclusive in-game items that are available through codes. As for the toys themselves, they come in different packages including Camp Enderwood Singles (SRP $9.99), Camp Enderwood Expansion Packs (SRP$19.99), and Mount Enderwood Yeti Scare Storypack (SRP$31.99).

The Singles include Glamper (Puppy Purse), Camp Rockstar (Ripped Jeans) and Top Athlete (Varsity Jacket).

The Expansion Packs feature a cryptid figure and two sets of accessories, and it includes Swamp Monster & Moth Creature.

The Yeti Scare Storypack comes with the Avid Adventurer with a Camp Enderwood hoodie, and night vision goggles along with the Yeti in full fur Yeti mode and incognito look. The Storypack is now available on Amazon.

Half of the figures will be available this spring, with the other half coming out this summer. The figures will be available at key toy retailers including Target and Walmart.

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