Personalize Your Keyboard with HyperX’s HX3D Custom Keycaps

Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

HyperX is known for its gaming peripherals including keyboards, controllers, and headphones. The brand has something for gamers to feel at home with its new product, the HX3D Custom Keycaps. During CES, it showcased the new custom keycaps with one themed after cute animals and the other focused on fantasy. These color 3D printed keycaps take personalization to a new level as players get to show off their style and personality.

The HX3D Custom Keycaps are limited edition collectibles, and once a design is sold out, it’s gone for good. New keycaps will be available each month, and for the first month, fans have chosen the Cozy Cat Coco as their preferred cat keycap design. Featuring a cute cat in a winter beanie and scarf, the Cozy Cat Coco Custom Keycaps will be available starting on January 26th at 9 a.m. EST for 48 hours or until supplies last.

Check out our unboxing video below.

The Cozy Cat Coco custom keycap costs $19.99. The keycap accessory is compatible with HyperX and most mechanical gaming keyboards.

For more information, visit the HyperX HX3D Custom Keycaps Page.

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