Pivo Max, the Next-Gen Smartphone Tracking Mount, Showcased at CES

Pivo is known for the Pivo Pod, an AI-powered smartphone mount that helps creators create content with ease. During CES 2023, it was promoting the upcoming Pivo Max, its most powerful tracking mount for smartphones, tablets and cameras. It was a CES Innovation Award Honoree during the biggest tech event in the world, and we had the chance to test it out along with other products.

The Pivo Max is great for all types of content creators. For example, if you’re a TikTok creator, the tracking mount would be great for doing fun dancing videos. With the accompanying app, we were able to create a quick dancing sequence where it looked like there were three of me at the Pivo booth. The camera would track me on three different dancing spots, and with the Pivo app, it was able to create a video where I was having a dance-off with my two other selves. It was such an easy process, and the Pivo app has a lot of options to create different types of fun videos.

If you don’t have a camera operator with you for certain video shoots, have no worries. The Pivo Max can substitute and track you automatically as you move around an area. This is great for activity videos like dancing, skateboarding, skating, running around, horseback riding, and many more.

The Pivo Max is able to do everything the Pivo Pod can do, and it has more up its sleeve. Along with being able to hold up smartphones, it can provide greater stability for devices like tablets and cameras.

Pivo Max Features:

  • Holds smartphone, tablet, or camera
  • Smoother rotation
  • Powerful and stable
  • 360-degree face, body, and horse tracking
  • Rotation speed modes: slower, slow, normal, fast, frenzy, turbo
  • Battery life 10-12 hours
  • Interactive LED
  • Remote control included
  • Compatible with all Pivo Apps
  • Compact and portable
  • Suitable for: content creators, live streamers, equestrians, instructors, coaches, real estate professionals, photographers

The Pivo Max will be available in March at https://pivo.ai.

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