Dark Horse’s Samurai Satire, ‘White Savior,’ Releases Today

Courtesy of Dark Horse

In cinema and entertainment, the white savior is a trope that features a white person who is tasked with saving people of color. Examples include The Help, Dangerous Minds, The Blind Side and Remember the Titans. Co-creators Eric Nguyen and Scott Burman have teamed up for Dark Horse’s White Savior, a comic book series that spoofs movies like The Last Samurai. Today marks the release of the first issue, and it’s available online at the Dark Horse site.

In White Savior, Nathan Garin is prophecized to save a small village. However, he is described as an idiot, and he is loosely based on Tom Cruise’s Nathan Algren. The actual hero of the series is an Asian guy named Todd Parker who has to convince a small village not to follow the “white savior.”

Eric Nguyen has worked under Marvel and DC as an illustrator drawing Batman, Hulk, Wolverine, and more. Joining him on writing duties is Scott Burman. Together, they have crafted a story that pokes fun at Asian stereotypes and the white savior story.

The first issue is available today digitally, but if you want a print edition, it’s available for preorder at Things from Another World.

About White Savior

An ancient prophecy foretold of an outsider that would save the peaceful village of Inoki from an unstoppable army–a man who would confuse the people at first with his unconventional ways, but lead them to the light. Nathan Garin, Captain in the United States Army, known for his viciousness in battle on the American frontier, could be that man . . . if he weren’t such an awful, drunken idiot. Now it’s up to Japanese-American teacher Todd Parker to warn the good people of Inoki of Garin’s true nature before he causes the very death and destruction they are counting on him to avert!

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