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ChatGPT has been released for about a month as a tech preview, but it has already put Google developers on high alert as a threat to the Google ecosystem. ChatGPT, produced by OpenAI, is only a language model chatbot with no access to external information, but after a few sessions with ChatGPT, it is easy to see how Google can feel threatened. After only 5 days, 1 million users have registered use with the AI. Many of us that registered were wondering where this AI intelligence would fall on a scale from Alexa to Skynet.

The first question that I asked ChatGPT was to write this whole article for me. Let me tell you that within 1 minute, ChatGPT had written a full 6 paragraph essay on AI. The essay was completely original and copyright free. I knew because I asked ChatGPT and he said it was free for my use. I am not quite sure of the extent that an AI can claim originality. These are the gray areas that are being explored by governments and educational institutions as we speak, also with heavy interest from the creative industry.

Slightly before my dive into ChatGPT, I was preparing myself for an interaction like from the movie Her. In this movie, Samantha (voiced by Scarlett Johansson) is an AI that starts off as only a voice assistant with AI but starts to adapt and evolve with sentience. ChatGPT was nothing of the sort. The programming was blind-fully obvious with seemingly canned, robotic responses. If there were any personality in there, it seemed pre-written. Don’t get me wrong, ChatGPT was very good at answering my questions from baby rearing to fixing cars, but when it came time to help me cope with sadness, I would receive bullet-pointed lists of things to do like “find a hobby” or “talk to a friend.” What I was really hoping for was if ChatGPT could be that friend.

Scene from the movie, Her, where Theodore is newly installing the AI to his computer.

Where ChatGPT certainly excels is in generating creative content. I was able to get ChatGPT to give me an idea for a superhero name. You can give the most ridiculous requests and ChatGPT will deliver.

So, really it turns out that ChatGPT was not the Skynet we thought it would be. I was able to get the program to give me ideas for a new novel, character backstories, and recipes for cooking, but nothing about disrupting the power grid. Sure, we don’t know what could happen if we allowed the AI onto the internet, but with no personality and no dreams of being human, the only harm looks to be the thousands of students that will exploit ChatGPT’s essay writing capabilities. Maybe getting A’s in English class was always the dream.


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