LG to Reveal Its Own True Telephoto Optical Zoom Camera Module

Telephoto shots are wonderful for capturing something from afar, and professional cameras like DSLR or mirrorless cameras with telescopic lenses are great for that. Smartphones have been entering that market, but with the tech available now for consumers, it combines optical zooming and digital zooming for higher zoom, which results in image quality loss. LG reveals its newest technology from its subsidiary, LG Innotek, at CES 2023 with the optical telephoto zoom camera module, which received the “CES 2023 Innovation Award.”

LG’s optical telephoto zoom camera module is a tiny component that is added to a smartphone, allowing the device to function like a professional camera but without the extra bump. The module is mounted on the backside of the smartphone, and it will be able to capture photos via zooming from a long distance without losing image quality due to digital zooming. Consumers can expect zooming in with 4 to 9 times the magnification.

Smartphones available now have fixed zoom modules, allowing optical zoom for a set magnification. The rest of the zoom is done via digital zoom or by switching between lenses. For example, the latest iPhone Pros have three cameras: telephoto, wide and ultrawide. The telephoto lens gives users a 3x optical zoom in with a 6x optical zoom range between the lenses. With LG’s upcoming tech, smartphones won’t need a lot of modules, leaving more space inside the phone for battery or even a larger image sensor, etc.

LG is working with Qualcomm to help promote the adoption of the new camera module. Since Apple is a customer of LG Innotek, consumers might see the camera technology adopted for new devices like the iPhone 15.

Sony also has a similar tech with its Xperia 1 IV smartphone, which is equipped with an optical zoom lens. The rear will have three cameras: a 16mm ultra-wide lens, a 24mm wide lens, and the optical telephoto zoom 85-125mm lens.

Photographers and camera enthusiasts will probably be cautious about the zoom lens module technology since zoom lenses usually pale in comparison to a fixed lens in terms of capturing lighting and image quality.

Source: LG

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