Stadia To Shut Down, Here Are Devs and Publishers Offering Free Game Copies

Courtesy of Ubisoft

Google offered a cloud gaming service called Stadia that launched in 2019. It offered gamers the chance to play all kinds of titles via its streaming service from their devices like TV, phones, and desktop. A little over three years later, it will be closing down the service on January 18, 2023.

Stadia users will be out of luck after the service shuts down, and they won’t be able to play Stadia games that they have bought or claimed as part of Stadia Pro. There is good news, however. Users will, at least, be getting a refund on games on the Stadia Store and hardware (Stadia Controller, Stadia Founder’s Edition, Stadia Premiere Edition, etc) on the Google Store. The majority should be getting their refund by January 18, 2023. Pro games will not count as part of the refund process.

‌Additionally, there are a few developers and publishers working to make sure the users are still able to play their games after the service shuts down.

‌Ubisoft Games

Courtesy of Ubisoft

Ubisoft sent an email to let gamers know that it is working with Stadia to ensure a smooth transition for Stadia users to continue playing their games. The publisher is bringing the games users own on Stadia to PC via Ubisoft Connect. If it’s available on PC, the edition that gamers have purchased will be added to their Connect account automatically. These games include Far Cry 6, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and many more.

Their progress will also transfer to any platform where they own the game through the Ubisoft Connect account. Some games will have it done automatically, and other games will need you to manually transfer your save. Ubisoft is even giving players a free 1-month trial of GeForce Now Priority Membership for a limited time to continue their cloud-gaming journey.

Muse Games’ Embr

Courtesy of Muse Games

Embr was a timed exclusive for Stadia and a day-one launch title as a Stadia Pro game. It’s now available on PC via Steam, and those who own the game can get a Steam code by following the instructions below.

Stadia players who own the game will need to send a screenshot of the proof of ownership via the Stadia account. This is also eligible for those who claimed the game as part of their Stadia Pro membership. In addition, they need to send a screenshot that they have Muse Games’ Wildmender on their Steam wishlist. Afterward, send the two screenshots to [email protected] Someone from the team should be in contact and send the player the Steam code.

What About Other Games?

PixelJunk Raiders

Q-Games developed PixelJunk Raiders as a Stadia exclusive and is looking for a publisher to help with bringing the game to other platforms. With it still looking for a publisher and Stadia closing soon, it doesn’t look like it’ll offer the game for free on other platforms for owners of the Stadia game.


Gylt was the first exclusive for Stadia and will be available on more platforms in 2023. There’s no news on whether developer Tequila Works will offer it for free on these other platforms if you’re an owner via Stadia.

IO Interactive

IO Interactive isn’t giving away free copies of its latest Hitman games, but it will be helping players with transferring their progress. There’s a tool to help with saving your progress on your PC copy of the games.

Final Reaction

It’s not a big list of publishers and developers, but the standout is Ubisoft for making their games available for Stadia users who own their games via Ubisoft Connect. It’s also an easy process since it’s done automatically as long as your Ubisoft Connect account is connected to your Stadia account.

Time is of the essence. Get the games on your PC before Google closes Stadia forever.

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