Gamers Can Now Boot All PlayStation 3 Games on RPCS3 Emulator

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Courtesy of Konami

The PlayStation brand has a huge video game library. With the PlayStation 5 being able to play PlayStation 4 games natively thanks to using a similar architecture, that means thousands of games can be enjoyed. The same can’t be said for the latest console playing PlayStation 3 games. However, there are ways to play these PlayStation 3 games on the PlayStation 5, and that’s if they have been re-released or are available via PlayStation Now or Sony PS Plus Premium. The latter options are fine, but it’s still cloud gaming, and it’s all dependent on your internet speed and connection.

What if you want to play the PlayStation 3 games that you own in all their glory but without the PS3 console? Thanks to RPCS3 Emulator, you can do just that. The emulator team has been working hard to make it possible, and on Christmas, it announced that RPCS3 is able to boot all PlayStation 3 games.

The team has been testing the compatibility, and as of now, zero games will lead to a black screen on RPCS3. However, that doesn’t mean that all the PlayStation 3 games are playable on the emulator. Only 67.98% of the games are fully playable; 28.59% can’t be finished, have serious glitches or have insufficient performance; and 3.42% will display the image but won’t go it past the menus.

The PlayStation 3 has a different architecture featuring a complex Cell processor, making it hard for backward compatibility on the PlayStation 4 and 5. And since it’s a difficult processor to work with, the RPCS3 team is still working on it as compared to other emulators like the PCSX2 for PlayStation 2 games.

What makes the emulator even more fantastic is its ability to make PlayStation 3 games in higher framerates and resolutions. To do that, you’ll need the recommended specs for running RPCS3, which is the 6-core Intel Skylake or AMX Zen 2 processor. If you have a really good system, you’ll be able to play a lot of games like never before.

The emulator is available at the RPCS3 site.

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