Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot No Longer Appearing in The Flash

The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe has changed and the man at the top is clearly James Gunn. We said to expect more news this week about the future of the DCEU, but we didn’t expect it to be all bad news. The Hollywood Reporter announced that Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot’s cameos would be removed from the upcoming Flash movie. We reported last week that at least Cavill’s appearance was up in the air with the new DC Studios management. We now know with Cavill’s confirmed exit as Superman, we have seen the last of him in the red cape.

The report goes into how Cavill’s cameo was pushed hard by Dwayne Johnson. The actor is represented by Dani Garcia, who just so happens to run a majority of The Rock’s business ventures and is also his ex-wife. The hopes were that Cavill’s cameo would lead to a Black Adam sequel that would feature Black Adam vs. Superman. This film would have likely followed Man of Steel 2, the now-scrapped project that would have featured Brainiac as the main villain. With now both Johnson and Cavill out of the DCEU, many fans were quick to note that recently Black Adam premiered on HBO Max and The Rock has not promoted the film.

To say that The Rock had an invested interest in the success of Black Adam would be an understatement. Not only did he have a special line of Black Adam Under Armour clothing, but he also released specially marked cans of his Zoa Energy Drink to promote the movie. When it comes to big movie contracts higher status actors can negotiate their take from the release of a film. Some will choose to take a cut of the initial box office while others can choose to take a cut of the backend with the DVD sales and streaming rights. There’s a good chance The Rock took a cut of the opening box office and given it has been made pretty clear a sequel to Black Adam is not likely happening, he more than likely wants to wash his hands of the situation and move on.

An insider in the THR reported that Cavill was “a pawn in Dwayne’s failed attempt to control a piece of DC.” Cavill reportedly only had a verbal agreement with Warner Brothers regarding his return as Superman. Nothing was ever put into writing and he was paid only $250K per cameo appearance.

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