Henry Cavill Confirms He Is No Longer Superman

We didn’t have to wait long to hear any news on what James Gunn’s shake-up of the DCEU would entail. Just a short while ago, James Gunn tweeted that he and Peter Safran have the slate for DC planned out. He also stated that Superman would be a massive part of the beginning of their new vision for the DC Cinematic Universe. They would be focusing on a younger time in Superman’s life, which would mean the next Superman movie would not feature Henry Cavill.

Cavill’s inclusion was still up in the air as of last week with the article from The Hollywood Reporter. One of the topics the article covered was the uncertainty of whether or not Henry Cavill’s cameo would be used in the upcoming Flash movie. Even Cavill’s recent cameo in Black Adam had to be heavily fought for by The Rock and his team.

The Rock’s ex-wife, Dani Garcia, runs most of his business ventures and also happens to represent Henry Cavill. One name that was noticeably missing from the many who congratulated James Gunn on his new appointment as the Co-CEO of DC Studios was The Rock. If you haven’t heard by now, a sequel to Black Adam in the upcoming slate of the DCEU has been said to be unlikely.

There was even a report by Deadline that come out saying that the film was a flop at the box office, which The Rock countered by providing documents that showed that the film was a financial success. Not long after that, a report from PuckNews came out that the executives at Warners Brothers believe The Rock leaked misleading stats to make Black Adam seem like a financial success when the film really wasn’t.

James Gunn did mention in his tweets that he and Peter Safran had a good meeting with Henry Cavill and hope that they can work on something in the future. But it was Cavill who unfortunately had to confirm he was no longer returning as Superman, and from Cavill’s post, it looks like we have seen the last of him in the red cape.

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