Popular YouTuber Breaks OnlyFans Site

Big things are coming to the internet. Long-time gaming YouTuber Markiplier released his official OnlyFans account this past week. Markiplier created the account after issuing a challenge to his fanbase to get his podcast Distractible and Go! My Favorite Sports Team to #1 on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Within 3 short days, Markiplier’s legions of fans were able to place his podcast above podcasting giant Joe Rogan on Spotify, but unfortunately, they could not meet the same goal on Apple Podcast. Mark issued a caveat that if his fans would watch his upcoming documentary written by his mother, then and only then would he release his OnlyFans account. There was no specific number given to meet for the challenge, but Markiplier seemed content with the turnout because following the premiere of the documentary Markiplier confirmed that he would be releasing his “tasteful nudes.”

On December 8, Mark officially released his OnlyFans account to the rest of the world and noted that all proceeds made from the account would go to the Cinncinati Children’s Hospital and World Food Program. The account would only be up a few short hours before it had reportedly crashed the site.

During a recent livestream, Markiplier revealed that he was jokingly disappointed in his fans because out of all his endeavors with Charity Streams, Merch drops, and YouTube RED original series, none of them compared to the number of people that signed up for his OnlyFans account. The Streamy Awards’ Gamer of the Year revealed more than 121,711 people bought his first post. Markiplier joked that he wishes he charged more than $3 for his first post, “just think of all the money we could have raised!”

Mark assured his fans that there will be more drops coming in the future and that he will continue to put all the money that he generated into charity.

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