The Escape Game’s The Depths Plunges Players into the Deep Ocean Inside a Submarine Set

Escape rooms have been rising in popularity and expanding across the world, and one of the most popular escape room companies, The Escape Game, has a new location in Century City, CA. Now Los Angeles shoppers and visitors at the Westfield Century City will get to play and test out their problem-solving skills with their friends, colleagues and/or family members. The new location has 4 different escape rooms, and we had the chance to check out The Depths, an escape room set inside a submarine set. It was a thrilling experience that had co-op video game elements and a good amount of puzzle difficulty.

Dr. Humphreys has gone missing, and it’s up to you and your group to find out what happened to him and uncover his underwater research facility in the ocean. However, there are dangers inside, and players will have to navigate the treacherous waters and find the hidden research lab in order to complete their mission.

The Depths features a sleek design inside a submarine set complete with puzzles, a monitor, a control panel, locked lockers, and more. One puzzle has a rope with knots, and the other puzzles include symbols that need to be deciphered. The clock was ticking, and we had 60 minutes to figure everything out and escape.

With escape rooms, the most important thing is teamwork and communication, and it’s recommended that the group split up so that they can try to solve as many puzzles as they can. If one puzzle is stumping players, we would rotate in order to get a fresh perspective.

If players are stumped on some puzzles, not all is lost since the game master can provide hints via the monitors set up inside the rooms. These hints do not reveal the solution outright, but they give players a nudge in the right direction.

In the end, we were able to escape with just a few minutes left on the timer, and it was thrilling as we worked together to uncover the secret experiments while dodging a huge threat. Throughout our journey, we discovered weird experiments along with figuring out how to power certain devices.

The Escape Game has crafted an immersive room that captures the inside of a futuristic submarine, and there were surprises that expanded the scope of the game. The puzzles can be complex, but the hints and clues are all around, and it pays to be observant and to try to connect one part of a puzzle to another. One of the highlights included the group commandeering the submarine that reminded us of Smuggler’s Run at Disneyland and Disney World.

The Depths is good for up to 8 players, and the difficulty level is 7/10. It’s now available at The Escape Game inside Westfield Century City (10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Space 2945, Los Angeles, CA 90067). You can book tickets for The Depths and other rooms here.

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