Cemetery Lane, the Family-Friendly Halloween Event, Is Back This Year

Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

The Halloween season is here, and there are plenty of spooky experiences for all types of haunt fans. There are big amusement park attractions like Halloween Horror Nights and Knott’s Scary Farm. For the ones who want something frightening and interactive, there’s Delusion: Valley of Hollows and 17th Door. For fans who want to go to an event for the entire family, there’s Cemetery Lane, an event that transforms Heritage Square Museum into a creepy neighborhood.

Cemetery Lane is a trick-or-treat experience inside a Victorian neighborhood that is still preserved today. Heritage Square Museum is a living history museum where visitors can see the history of Southern California via the settlement that existed during the Civil War to the early 20th Century. This is a great backdrop for a Halloween event, where the Cemetery Lane team has added a spooky twist to the location.

Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

The event caters to families, and people of all ages, with guests getting a bag for trick-or-treating. Throughout the neighborhood, guests can get candy from the many inhabitants of Cemetery Lane, and there are 13 trick-or-treat stops for all your candy needs. Some in the neighborhood are prominent figures in horror like Alfred Hitchcock. There are 8 homes featured inside Cemetery Lane, and visitors can even go inside one of the houses.

For those who want to take the event home with them, there’s a shopping area with different vendors ranging from clothing and apparel to sweets. Astro Taber is available for readings, with the M & M Bath Body for your skincare needs. Backstitch Bruja features Halloween-inspired apparel, and Kreepsville is a booth with different selections of goth shirts and accessories. For food, there are a few stands including Mis Jefitos Tacos. Since it is a family-friendly event, there is no alcohol on site, but there is a mocktail station.

There are games available including fishing for a treat, Krazy Kans, and ring toss.

Cemetery Lane is located at Heritage Square Museum (3515 Pasadena St., Los Angeles, CA 90031). It runs from October 19-30. Tickets are available here, and they range from $27 to $32. Since Heritage Square Museum is a preservation site, a portion of each ticket sale will go towards helping preserve the settlement.

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