Notable Star Wars Actor Returns in This Week’s Andor – Episode 8 ‘Narkina’

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In the last episode of Andor, Cassian wanted to get away from it all, especially since he’s a wanted man. He tried to convince Maarva Andor to leave with him, but he had no luck. While visiting the tourist paradise of Niamos alone, he was arrested by Shoretroopers for something he didn’t do. This leads Cassian to be imprisoned, and viewers will get to see what happens to him under Imperial control.

It’s been rumored that Andy Serkis would be appearing in Andor, and the rumor is right. There was plenty of speculation as to whether he would be back as Supreme Leader Snoke or a new character. Since Snoke was a character in the new trilogy, one theory was that he would be playing an original version. Snoke was a strandcast, an artificial being created from different DNA and modifications.

Spoiler Warning for Episode 8 “Narkina”

Episode 8, “Narkina,” of Andor is now out on Disney+, and it follows Cassian inside a prison factory after being arrested on Niamos. This episode features the return of Andy Serkis, who played Supreme Leader Snoke in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. However, the actor is playing a different character by the name of Kino Loy, the manager in charge of Unit 52D, the room Cassian is forced to work in.

Fans of Andy Serkis are sure to be excited about his return to the Star Wars universe. As Kino, he’s a human instead of the humanoid strandcast, which means he gets to be in character, acting opposite of Diego Luna, without alien makeup or digital effects.

Kino runs a tight ship and lays out the rules for Cassian, letting him know who’s in charge. What we also know of this Imperial prison facility is that 7 is a significant number. There are 7 levels, 7 rooms per level, 7 tables per room, and 7 workers per table. Kino has 249 days left until he is a free man, and he wants to make sure everything is running smoothly until then.

With episode 8 now out, there are 4 more episodes to go until the end of the first season. The last episode will air on November 23, 2022. It’s been a long road as viewers get to see the inner workings of the Empire and the network that the Rebel Alliance is building.

The second season will conclude the series with 12 episodes and ties to the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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