Monster High Animated Series Voice Cast on Clawdeen Wolf and Draculaura

Monster High, the monster doll brand from Mattel, is back this year with an animated series and a live-action movie. Monster High: The Movie was released earlier this month, and this week is the premiere of the Monster High animated series featuring Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura and Frankie Stein. Together, they will experience the highs and lows of being at Monster High, a school for monsters.

Clawdeen Wolf is half werewolf and half human, and voicing her is Gabrielle Nevaeh Green (All That, Speechless). The two have something in common with their background.

“Clawdeen is half werewolf and half human, and in my own personal life, I am biracial,” Green tells Nerd Reactor. “So that is something that I’ve had to deal with. Clawdeen is trying to figure out where she belongs. And she wants to, especially over the first few episodes, prove that she does belong at Monster High, even though she is half human. So that’s something that I do resonate with in this industry and in my career. But bringing Clawdeen to life really means a lot because I know there are so many kids who maybe feel that way as well. So it’s really great to be an example for them.”

Voicing Draculaura is Courtney Lin, a voice actor with credits including Genshin Impact, Return to Monkey Island, Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045, Fullmetal Alchemist: The Revenge of Scar, and many more. She was a medical student and then decided to join the entertainment industry, and Draculaura is a vampire who wants to study witchcraft.

“Draculaura’s whole journey is really discovering who she really wants to be,” Lin said. “And her whole life, she’s grown up with this preconception in her head. Her dad is very famous; he wants her to follow in his footsteps. For myself, I thought I wanted to work in the medical industry, and I have a psychology neuroscience degree and I was in college. I remember just kind of thinking to myself and mulling it over with some friends. And I was like, you know, I just have this feeling that maybe this isn’t for me, and I had never considered that before. Just certain things about being in the medical industry… I’m a very emotional person, I could never be someone’s doctor. I don’t like blood. Why was I even considering this in the first place? I’m a vampire now, and vampires like blood. When I found Draculaura, and I read her breakdown, I was like, wow, she is so similar to me. And I was so excited to bring a piece of myself to her.”

About Monster High

Shea Fontana (Polly Pocket) serves as showrunner and co-executive producer of Monster High, with Nick Filippi (Big Hero 6: The Series) as supervising producer. Production is overseen for Nickelodeon by Claudia Spinelli, Senior Vice President, Big Kids Animation and Nikki Price, Director of Franchise Animation, and for Mattel by Fred Soulie, Senior Vice President and GM of Mattel Television, and Christopher Keenan, Senior Vice President of Content Development.

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