Hasbro and Robosen Create New Auto-Transforming Optimus Prime for Less Than $700

Courtesy of Hasbro and Robosen

Hasbro and Robosen have worked together to create an auto-converting Optimus Prime that retails for $1,200. (It’s currently available for $999 at Robosen.com.) The 19-inch-tall Flagship Optimus Prime robot launched last year and features G1 design, voice control, and more. For fans who want something a bit more “affordable,” the two companies have teamed up together again for Elite Optimus Prime, a lighter and more compact version of the Flagship Optimus Prime.

Like the Flagship Optimus Prime, Elite Optimus Prime features advanced programmable capabilities, voice-activated interactions and auto-converting technology. It is 16-inch tall and has over 5,000 components including 60 microchips and 27 servo motors. Since it is lighter and more compact, it retails for $699 USD. It is available to purchase at Robosen.com.

Courtesy of Hasbro and Robosen

Peter Cullen, the voice actor behind Optimus Prime, lends his voice to the robot, which features 80 phrases. There are over 43 pre-installed commands, and the Autobot leader is able to walk, punch, blast, drive and convert through voice command, swiping with your finger, or touching a button. Additionally, the Robosen app allows users to customize their Elite Optimus Prime with their own sequences and actions.

The robot will come with accessories including a foam protective travel case, the Energon Axe with swivel back grip, the Ion Blaster with integrated light and switch (built-in battery included on the Blaster), a charging adapter and two built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (1200mAh).

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