Delusion: Valley of Hollows Is Frighteningly Fun and Made Us Feel Like We’re in a Horror Movie

Courtesy of Delusion

Danger was looming, and our only way out is to race down a flight of stairs. It was pitch black as we rushed down one by one, only to be surprised by a dark figure swooping down and trying to attack us from above. Our group made it to the next area, and we had a moment to catch our breath. However, I looked behind to see a disturbing spider-like creature creeping through the door, and I freaked out and hurried to the opposite end. The monster started to chase us through a cramped tunnel with twists and turns.

This is Delusion: Valley of Hollows, the latest in-person interactive play from the dark mind of Jon Braver. The immersive show is part of the next evolution of entertainment where participants feel like they’re inside a horror movie. Instead of waiting in lines to enter a typical haunted maze, you and a small group will experience your very own horrifying adventure inside the spine-chilling historic mansion in Pomona, CA. The one-hour experience caters to your small group where you embark on a harrowing journey dealing with cults, monsters, and other supernatural threats.

Guests will get to explore rooms before the interactive play begins. Photo credit: Nerd Reactor

The story follows the events of last year’s Delusion: Reaper’s Remorse, taking place during the ’70s where participants play the part of Deprogrammers, whose job it is to rescue people from the influence of cults. Esther Phillips, the matriarch of the Phillips Mansion, disappeared over twenty years ago, and this resulted in the creation of The Hollows, a cult that has taken over her estate.

In Delusion: Valley of Hollows, our crew has infiltrated the mansion, and our new mission was to help out a sister searching for her brother lost in the cult. The actors were wonderful in creating a blood-curdling atmosphere as we interacted with both humans and creatures alike. It’s one of the scariest Delusions by far thanks to the haunting performances, creepy makeup, action-packed practical effects, and a sense of urgency.

This experience actually requires participants to be able to move through the compound, whether we’re going up and down stairs or hiding underneath furniture. It really takes advantage of the whole horror experience by utilizing the best in practical and special effects and having us hide and move quickly as we uncover the dark secrets inside.

There is a VIP tier for this year’s experience which gives you access to the second floor of the Phillips Mansion, which includes a VIP bar, performances from a magician, and a really terrifying, dark crawl space. Jack Murdock was our magician for the night, and he was entertaining and had some really cool performances including making our card teleport from one area to another in the room. The crawl space maze was scary as hell since it required us to crawl in complete darkness with eerie sounds hinting at our destination.

Delusion: Valley of Hollows is frighteningly exciting with an intriguing cast of characters and a chilling environment set at the historic Phillips Mansion in Pomona, CA. Creator Jon Braver and his team have knocked it out of the park yet again, making it one of the scariest experiences during the Halloween season.

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