What To See at Los Angeles Haunted Hayride 2022

Photo by Nerd Reactor

It’s the Halloween season, so there are plenty of options to celebrate the creepiest and spine-tingling events. One such option is Los Angeles Haunted Hayride at Griffith Park, which is currently happening and ending on October 31. Nerd Reactor embarked on a dark journey, and here’s what to expect from this year’s event.


There are different tier tickets for Los Angeles Haunted Hayride. Each maze will have two separate lines, one for general admission and the other for VIP guests. When we went on opening night, the line for general admission was faster, but that’s because there were more VIP guests. Of course, your mileage may vary when the event comes closer to Halloween.

Here’s the rundown for each of the tiers.

  • Hayride Only ($34.99) – One-time access to the Haunted Hayride only on your chosen date/time.
  • General Admission ($44.99) – One-time access to all Los Angeles Haunted Hayride attractions on your chosen date/time.
  • VIP ($59.99) – Limited wait. One-time access to all Los Angeles Haunted Hayride attractions on your chosen date/time.
  • Platinum ($109.99) – Immediate entry to all Los Angeles Haunted Hayride attractions. Arrive any time after the gates open on your chosen date.


There’s plenty of parking available at the 3 nearby lots including Merry Go Round Lots 1, 2, and 3. To make things even easier, shuttle parking will be available all Fridays, Saturdays, and Halloween at the LA Zoo (northwest corner of the zoo’s parking lot). The shuttle will drop you off at the entrance trail near Spokes ‘N Stuff). From where we parked, we opted to walk to the event. It can be an adventure, so we advise wearing comfortable shoes.

The Monte Revolta Show

Photo by Nerd Reactor

Upon entering Midnight Falls, LA Haunted Hayride’s town square, there is a stage for The Monte Revolta Show. The 30-minute shows are performed nightly and feature Monte Revolta and his Band of the Living Dead as they play popular songs that are fitting of Midnight Falls. It’s a free show so you don’t need to buy tickets to watch the ghoulish band perform.

The Mazes

Photo by Nerd Reactor

There are three horror mazes at Los Angeles Haunted Hayride including Midnight Mortuary, Slaughterhouse, and Trick or Treat. If you’ve been to these mazes from the previous LA Haunted Hayride, they are similar.

Trick or Treat is a maze with a lot of grotesque beings and death set inside a creepy neighborhood. Some disturbing settings include a dead lady inside a giant pumpkin.

Slaughterhouse is a maze themed after a slaughterhouse with smiling and creepy monsters waiting inside.

Midnight Mortuary features graveyards and disturbing undertakers and individuals as they welcome guests inside the funeral home.

The Haunted Hayride Attraction

Photo by Nerd Reactor

The Haunted Hayride is back, and guests ride inside a wagon pulled by a tractor as it drives through different destinations including Camp Midnight Lake. As it goes from one area to the next, guests encounter different creatures including giant tentacle monsters and an alien setting with captured female dancers.

From our hayride experience this year, it felt like there were fewer monsters surrounding the wagon and fewer theatrical presentations. Last year, there were cool theatrical openings for some of the areas including watching a few monsters performing a shot rock song. When the lights turned off, they went after the hayride. Another area designed as an executioner’s stage had a monster speaking publicly, getting ready to start a public execution with monsters coming out after us. This year, there was nothing of the sort.

For guests wanting to own a piece of LA Haunted Hayride, there’s a merchandise store at the Midnight Falls town square where you can buy clothing, toys and apparel.

Tickets to Los Angeles Haunted Hayride are available at the site here.

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