Five Nights at Freddy’s and Funko Snaps! Feature Bizarre Mix and Match Figures

Photo by Nerd Reactor

Funko and Five Nights at Freddy’s have partnered up for the Funko Snaps! line, where collectors can mix and match miniature figures. With the new vinyl line, fans of the horror game franchise can see characters like Freddy, Spring Trap, Chica, and more. Funko sent us a special package that includes three of the killer animatronics: Foxy, Toy Bonnie, and Baby.


Photo by Nerd Reactor

There are 2-packs and single-figure packs, and there are even interactive playsets. For the package we received, Foxy is in a single pack and Toy Bonnie and Baby are in the 2-pack. Each figure comes with different body parts and faces and an accessory. The body comes in three sections: legs, torso and arms, and head. Each head comes with two interchangeable face plates: happy and angry.

Funko Snaps! allows collectors to change their bodies and faces, giving them plenty of different options to create their monstrosities. Here’s one possibility below where the left figure has Foxy’s face & legs, Toy Bonnie’s torso, and Baby’s head. The middle figure has Toy Bonnie’s legs & face, Baby’s torso, and Foxy’s head. The right figure has Baby’s legs & face, Foxy’s torso, and Toy Bonnie’s head.

Photo by Nerd Reactor

The process of pulling the parts out and snapping them together is pretty easy. I’ve had my fair share of figures with interchangeable hands and heads, and those are very fragile because if there’s too much force, you could break the connecting pieces. With Funko Snaps!, these are made to be switched out on the fly. With our short time messing with the vinyl figures, they seem pretty durable so far.

Funko released a retro-style ad for Five Nights at Freddy’s Funko Snaps!

Collectors can get the Five Nights at Freddy’s Funko Snaps! at Walmart and Gamestop and online at Amazon and

The full collection includes:
● FNAF Snap!: Bonnie: MSRP – $8.99
● FNAF Snap!: Foxy: MSRP – $8.99
● FNAF Snap!: Playset- Storage Rm w/Chica – MSRP – $34.99
● FNAF Snap!: Playset- Stage w/Freddy – MSRP – $34.99
● FNAF Snap!: Freddy & Springtrap 2pk- MSRP – $16.99
● FNAF Snap!: Toy Bonnie & Baby 2pk – MSRP – $16.99

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