‘The Weeping Witch’ Is a Scary, Immersive Horror Escape Room from Cross Roads Escape Games

We were in a dark room filled with mirrors all around. Somewhere behind the reflections were clues about the identity of the witch, the same evil spirit that has been terrorizing us ever since we stepped foot inside Madam Ruby’s study. The lights flicker and then it was complete darkness. Evil has found us, appearing through one of the many mirrors. Luckily, we got the answer to our riddle just in time and had to quickly vacate to complete our ritual.

This is The Weeping Witch, a new horror escape room from Cross Roads Escape Games located in Orange County, CA. When we first stepped inside the lobby of the building, there were three posters of their three different escape rooms. One was the Hex Room, which is a creepy escape room where each person is trapped inside different rooms. (You can check out our review here.) The scare rating for that wasn’t as high. Then there was The Weeping Witch, with a scare rating of 4/5 and difficulty rating of 4/5. Yes, we were in for some hauntingly wonderful and tough mystery.

An introduction from the game master began our journey as we learn about the lore. Tasked with entering Madam Ruby’s study, we had to rid the evil that resides inside as well as lift our curse. Upon entering the room, there were many daunting decorations including dolls high up against the walls with blank stares. The decor definitely looks like someone who is obsessed with the supernatural with strange objects throughout. There’s even a ventriloquist dummy in a corner.

The escape room has puzzles all over including locks that require number combinations or letter combinations. This is where your group will need to split up and try to see the connection between the puzzles. There are hints all over, even from above. However, the objects that the players will need in hand will be available within reach, so there’s no need to try to grab something above your head. Some puzzles can feel very abstract and it can be hard to make a connection. The good thing is that if you’re having a tough time, you will have a helpful surprise waiting for you. It’s an added relief that helps relieve tension in a chilling room.

The game is made for 3 to 8 players, and it won’t add other strangers to your group. This is perfect since it’s a scary room, and there are plenty of moments where we huddled up close to each other since we were freaked out when things got hairy. There is a scary actor in the room, and the combination of the top-notch design and marvelous special effects including lights and sound really adds to the atmosphere. The mood was already set with the design of the room, and the finale tops things off with how crazy the experience can escalate.

We mentioned the mirror room before, and that was a great example of the ingenuity of the special effects and design. With mirrors all around us, we knew something was going to pop out, but we just didn’t know when or where. As the darkness starts to set in, we huddled close together, and everything went off without a hitch from the timing of the flickering lights to the appearance of the witch. Cross Roads Escape Games really utilized the technology and design of the room to give us a spine-chilling experience.

Final Reaction

The Weeping Witch is a petrifying and hair-raising escape room, giving participants a truly immersive and frightening escape room. The evil spirit that haunts us is relentless, and with the combination of its clever use of lighting, audio cues, special effects, and design, it’s one of our favorite horror escape rooms by far. Cross Roads Escape Games has knocked another one out of the park.

Score: 4.5/5 Atoms

For The Weeping Witch tickets, visit Cross Roads Escape Games.

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